Making a sweatshirt fancy

On the weekend when I’m home with my family I like to be in a sweatshirt, basically because I’m always cold and I just want to be comfy. Of course, a million things always end up coming up and we’re out and about, so I still want to look put together. Doing a few things can really make a plain sweatshirt have a little pop. First, adding a top layer over the sweatshirt takes the outfit up a notch. In my first picture, that’s exactly what I did by adding a leather jacket. Truthfully I will put that over just about anything to elevate my outfit. Another thing I like doing is adding a flannel over a sweatshirt, gives it kind of a cool street vibe. Second, adding jewelry can also get you that more chic look on a weekend. I am a big fan of gold and almost always wearing my gold hoops, throw on a necklace and bam there ya have a fancier look. Lastly, I think pairing a sweatshirt with some leather leggings looks really cool and my favorite leather joggers (I will share lot of outfit options with those in another post)!

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