Transitioning to warmer weather

I don’t know about any of you, but living in NY mostly my whole life, I’ve noticed the seasons are a-changin! As a kid, I remember the seasons being pretty clearly defined, but now I feel like there’s little separation, one day it’s -5 then the next it’s 60. To be completely honest the transition from winter to spring is my least favorite time to buy clothes. It can be warm one week then cold the next, plus there’s those in between days and everything in stores is in full on summer mode from February-July . I’m always tempted to snatch up all the summer goodness early, but usually I contain myself until at least the end of April. (If I don’t I’ll find myself rocking a cute sun dress and being even colder than normal). Below are just some looks that I think really ease our way from winter to spring! Do you have any tips on this transition? I would love to hear some transition hacks!

These dresses from all saints are great, I have two bc you can wear them with or without the sweater/top. I got this one in crazy sale, bc when they have a sale it’s oh so good.

T- shirts are also a fav for that in between weather because they cover ya up, but can still keep you cool. Oversized tees are really cool for this spring and I’m even busting out some of my old concert t-shirts because all the stores are selling them at $40+bucks a pop. I’m proud to say I’ve gotten some of my best concert shirts from the concert parking lot from a man with shirts stuffed down his pants for 10 bucks!🤣#311#sublime✌🏻. If concerts aren’t your thing there’s plenty of options, but look for the oversized ones because you can do a front tuck, a little tie, or let it all hang out!

Lastly, the good old jean jacket is my go to always!!! I have a winter one that has the nicest fur lining, literally wear it over anything and everything.

Then my good old free people lighter Jean jacket that is my go to in spring, summer, and fall!!! I love love love this jacket❤️

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