Fashion Vs. Function

This post is for my husband and our conversation while getting ready for bed last night…

ME: Babe don’t wear that belt with that shirt ever again

Husband: Why not?

ME: You can’t wear a green shirt with a green belt when the greens clash like that.

Husband: Does it hold up my pants? I’m looking for function!

My husband and I are completely different when it comes to our ideas about dressing. Let’s just say in the past 7 years that we’ve been together, he hasn’t bought any clothes for himself(with the exception of 1 J-Crew shirt he ordered because he got it for $8). If I let him, he would still be wearing the same things he did in his freshman year of college, mind you we just celebrated his 34th birthday. I actually love the fact that we are so different in this aspect, because he never puts up a fight about me making everyone having matching outfits, or telling him exactly what he should wear to an event (he asks I’m not that bossy). He thinks I’m crazy with the amount of clothes I buy for me and my girls, BUT I can always justify why it’s needed (well sorta). When we first moved into our home we shared a closet and I think this was the first time he realized how much I loved fashion because I had different areas of the closet for different things, certain ways I organize, and started to do his stuff too. Needless to say, he moved into the office closet after about two months lol. I love that he’s so easy going and views fashion so differently than me. He’s a pretty simple guy when it comes to clothes and I think he’s just happy I take care of the outfits for the household!

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