My Journey With Melasma

This post is about my review of múdeles and my experience with Melasma.

If you don’t know what Melasma is, ask someone, I bet somebody you know suffers from this. I feel like since I started talking about my struggles with melasma , I’ve encountered so many others with the same issue. Melasma is a hyperpigmentation of the skin. It can be caused and triggered from the sun, but also other factors such as pregnancy and certain medications. My journey with Melasma has been a long one, but I’m so glad it’s now under control.

How My Melasma Developed

Since I was essentially a sun goddess throughout my teen years and even through my 20’s it caused some serious damage. I rarely used sun block and certainly was not managing my sun properly ( I live on long island and love the beach!) Now flash forward to by 30’s OMG….my skin es no buena. So, I started noticing some dark spots and didn’t really think anything of it, they would be prominent in the summer but fade in the winter, so I wasn’t too concerned. Then I had my first daughter and holy macaroni I thought my freckles just tripled. I’m Irish and fair skinned, so I’ve always had freckles, but this was like something I never had seen. After going to a dermatologist, I learned this was “the mask of pregnancy”, like we don’t have enough issues during pregnancy already?! He said the spots could fade, but there would be some that would definitely stay. I was lucky that about a year later most of my new freckle friends had disappeared. Then baby #2 came along and if I thought it was bad the first time around then I was sadly mistaken because round 2 was wayyyyyy worse. To make a long story short, this time I was not lucky enough for my spots to go away. I tried over the counter products, a peel at the spa, recommendations from the dermatologist, etc. and NOTHING worked.

Solution For Melasma

One day I was watching the news and saw an ad for Musely, which is for my specific problem. I figured ok let me give it a whirl, I’ve already tried everything else, plus the reviews seemed good and I am easily persuaded, so I ordered my first prescription. You actually “see” a derm that works for the company (basically you send them pictures and they tell you the Rx that would be a good fit). I started my journey 9 months ago and couldn’t be happier with the results. I actually feel like myself again and I think my skin is actually better now than it was in my 20’s. You have to be really consistent with this product and follow the instructions from the dermatologist, but it WORKS! I will admit you may experience some redness or peeling, but for me I could literally peel away the brown spots.

I still am in shock at how well this product works. I would recommend this to ANYBODY that is suffering from melasma or any other hyperpigmentation. Check out my before and after above, It’s wild!!! Also, be sure to ALWAYS wear sunscreen if this is something you’re dealing with because the sun could make them reappear😩. For us Melasma folk mineral sunscreen is best. ☀️

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