Work week outfits

I’m not even kidding when I say sometimes the only thing that gets me through my work day this year , is my outfit lol! As a kid I would get excited if I had a new outfit to wear to school and I still get that same joy today! Maybe that’s why I shop so much, I’m trying to keep that feeling going 🤔💡 Well, if you haven’t heard already, this is a hectic year with virtual teaching, hybrid learning, mask wearing, shield using, etc. etc. etc. I find myself trying to stay positive and having a cute outfit does help! Besides all the craziness of my new daily work schedule here are some enjoyable highlights of my work week…

I gave my youngest daughter a bag of apple slices because she insisted on having the whole bag. Now, I’ve found apple slices all over my house including the book shelf, my husband’s hat and today inside a folder with kid’s graded tests. Upon returning them, Of course every kid has to moan and groan about a tiny spot on their paper!( like do you see what you turn into me- now that’s gross)! My next fun moment was today. I teach HIGH SCHOOL Spanish, do I expect them to know everything? Of course not, but today I was asked this critical thinking question- so, like do they speak Spanish in Spain? 🤦🏼‍♀️ literally I can’t. Another momento divertido, was watching nose picker girl skillfully slide her finger through her mask and go to town for a solid 15 minutes. (Yet you want to talk about some apple slices? 🤢

With all that said, one more day until break gracias a Dios 😅✌🏻 here’s today’s outfit that got me motivated at 6:00am.

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