5 ways to change your look without breaking the bank

So many of us are set in our ways especially when it comes to our signature “look”. It can be really hard to do anything drastic like a major haircut/color or even changing up our makeup routine! My mom is the perfect example, she literally wore the same mascara for 40+ years. I too like my little routines, but I get bored easily. I am not a risk taker with my hair at all!!! I think I’ve cried (yes literally) at least a dozen times over a haircut I didn’t like(I’ve gotten better in my old age trust me)! However, I do like to change up the style, some days I’m curly, others straight, up, down whatever. I tried to think of things that are even EASIER than that to help you change up your look if you’re bored, need a change, but aren’t a risk taker!

1. Put on glasses🤓 .

I do wear prescription glasses, but mostly wear contacts. Whenever I put on my glasses I feel like it transforms my face or just gives my outfit a different kind of vibe. You can get glasses at the drug store that don’t have a prescription or a store like Claire’s. This was actually my inspiration for today’s post because I had kids tell me they thought there was a sub in the room when they came in today, because I was wearing my glasses.(umm I think I still look like me 🤔). #MissNelson # ViolaSwamp (I hope you’ve read Miss. Nelson is Missing)

2. Eyelash serum for the win 👀

Most of us weren’t blessed with long luscious lashes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them!!! I am a huge fan of eyelash serum because they really DO work. I’ve tried 3 different brands and love 2/3. First liaison lash bond is the bomb diggity (can we bring that back?). It works like magic!! My lashes became visibly longer and thicker in about 3 weeks. You have to be consistent and put it on every night and unfortunately, when you stop using it your lashes go back to the original stubs that once were. This is normal since our lashes grow and fall out in cycles. The second serum is Revitalash serum. This is very similar to liaison, but I felt like I had to wait a little longer to see results. Regardless, my lashes looked great! Lastly was Grande Lash MD. This stuff I bought as an impulse on overstock.com. I read some negative reviews about irritation which I didn’t experience, however, I saw no results after a month. I’m all about instant gratification and anything longer than a month is too long in my book.

Always Great Deals!

3. Parting your hair differently

We all got a good laugh when Gen Z said everyone should part their hair down the middle. Unfortunately, this isn’t true for everyone and you could end up looking like John Lennon or JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas that is). I for one always change up my part because it doesn’t fall nice naturally anywhere, but I really think it changes how I look. Definitely try parting on both sides and down the middle you might be pleasantly surprised 🙍🏼‍♀️

4. Lipstick 💄

Why is it that as we get older we look like death with nothing on our lips?( is this just me actually?) Well I recently started 1. Lining my lips, but just the Cupid’s bow and the bottom part right underneath with a color that matches my lips. 2. Wearing COLORED lipstick and not just a gloss or chapstick. It brightens up the entire face and even makes me feel like I could rock that with nothing else!

5. Masks 😷

If you really don’t feel like doing anything just wear your mask without removing it throughout the day 🤣 That will definitely change up your look! In all seriousness though, if you have a job like me where you’re required to wear one, why not match them to your outfits? There’s so many out there and it makes wearing them just a little bit better!

I hope you all try some of these things, I really think you won’t be disappointed! Let me know if you have questions about anything and if/when you try some of these things in the comments!!!

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