REAL Summer Staples

Lord knows I love me some summer fashion. Usually there’s many events where I can wear something cute(I’m hoping those come back this summer). You can dress for concerts, bbq’s, beach, brunch, whatever. I always have these grandiose ideas of how I’m going to dress, but in reality there’s things I wear on repeat and then just some other fashion sprinkled in throughout the summer. So, I narrowed it down to my 5 favorite things that I find myself wearing all the time because to be real, I like things to be easy in the summer especially with two little ones running around.

I will make the disclaimer now that I am NOT posting a bathing suit. If I find one that I think is worthy I will share at another time, but honestly I’m super picky about bathing suits and haven’t found one that I love love love in about 3 years.( still rocking some from like 10 yrs ago too 🤫) Ok here it goes….

#1. Great Flip Flops (obvi)

I need comfort when it comes to flip flops and the cheap-y ones just don’t do it for me anymore. Listen I used to get those $1 old navy flip flops like it was nobody’s business, but now I need more support 🤣 That Totally makes me sound old. Well anyway, last year I bought these Birkenstock’s and they were life changing. Literally I could wear them anywhere and everywhere and they are so comfortable!!! I even bought my mom a pair and she said they were super comfy. Plus if you love the beach the sand comes off really easy and they dry so fast!! Now the other flip flops I originally bought because of all the cool designs, but these are so comfy too!! I was so excited they could be worn for a whole day and didn’t bother me at all. As I’m typing this I remembered I actually bought these for my best friend and they sent me the wrong size for her, but they were my size so I kept them lol! Don’t worry I still got them for her too😃

The pink one’s are the Birkenstock’s and the tye-dye are Moses slides.Birkenstock’s
tye dye Moses slide: link)

#2. A Comfortable Pair of Jean Shorts

American Eagle has some great denim. I know people think it’s just for the youngins, but honestly they have some really cute things there! I for one like the denim because they have countless styles and fits. I bought these shorts last summer and wore them constantly. Also, with American Eagle they have a lot of sales , so I usually wait until something goes on sale before I purchase!

#3. A Cover-Up

I don’t know about you all, but I need a cover-up that I can double as an outfit. It has to be easy to throw on and off, but something that I can also wear if I’m running to the grocery store after the beach. There’s so many cute cover-ups and I have a few (for when I’m being fancy), but again my REAL cover up on the daily is just something that is serves a multi purpose. The one I’m linking I bought last year and love it. I haven’t always loved a romper as a cover up, but I gave it a chance and it was my go-to all summer long.

Fancy cover up This is one I wear for those fancier days. I love this too, but it’s see through, so def can’t wear it running to the grocery store.(unless you want to give a free show lol)

#4. Wedges!!!!!

Most of us love wedges because they are so versatile. You can literally make them work anywhere and I feel like I always get my money’s worth from them. Now, I have tried many many many wedges from all different brands/stores/boutiques you name it. They are 100% my favorite summer shoe and wish I lived somewhere warm enough to wear them all year long 🙁 I narrowed it down to my 2 favorite pair. The first pair I can’t link anything because I literally bought them 14 years ago when I had no money or real job and I remember loving them so much and I had like $100 in my bank account. They were 80 bucks, so totally do it right?! lol I justified it back then because they were on sale. I don’t know why I said that like I don’t do the exact same thing now?! Anyway, I’m going 14 years strong wearing these babies and they are still in great condition, totally worth that $80! The second pair are the black Micahel Kors wedges. This is another sturdy great pair of shoes that do NOT hurt your feet. This is actually my second pair because my sister borrowed my first pair so many times that I finally just told her to keep them and bought a second pair. You can find them in pretty much any department store, they have them every Spring.

Michael Kors black wedges

#5. My Favorite Slip On Dress

Everyone needs a great throw on dress in the summer! I like something that I can dress up or down for the summer and can layer in the fall or spring. The dress i wanted to post is honestly so flattering on anybody I have ever seen wear it. It’s stretchy and has ruching on the side that I think help this dress fit many different body shapes. I went back in my photos today and saw I wore this dress a LOT (in different ways)throughout the year. I have many color and also have this dress in the long sleeve version. I’m sad to say that I can’t find this one by Leith anywhere 🥲 I won’t post a pic of it because it will make you want it too. I did find a similar one here.

Who’s excited for summer?!☀️ Let me know if you buy/have anything I posted about! I would love to hear your thoughts😃

Easy summer dress

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  1. I do love my Birkenstock’s! They are so comfortable & light and I to can not wear flip flops anymore. I wore mine all last summer & while vacationing last year!

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