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I do not envy the struggles of my big boob-ied friends and family. I personally am very happy with what I got and MAINLY that’s because I really feel like I can wear any type of top.

The first time I saw the struggle was real , was after my first daughter was born and I was nursing. Wowza I went from an A cup to a full C. The first night I went out to dinner with my husband (my daughter was 3 weeks old) I remember I had NO shirts that fit my new friends, so I had to wear a baggy top that I forgot I even had! I honestly was happy when I was done nursing(for a million reasons this just being one) to have my old boobs back. It made me appreciate just how tough it is to find cute things that flatter those bad boys. I, having smaller boobs never really have to think twice about certain tops.

I talked to some of my big boobed gals and learned some helpful tips…

Button down shirts are no bueno, things with no stretch are so not fetch(c’mon we’ve all seen Mean Girls), and bras are really expensive!

I also was informed of the things they appreciate. First , stretch is a friend, smocking is great, and a good v neck that you can wear a tank under if needed goes a long way!

There’s so many cool shirts right now with funky cutouts and shapes. I’ll have to do a post with some of mine, but I swear when I put them on I always think there’s no way a big boobed person would like this, especially if they want bra support and have to wear a strapless( I also learned this isn’t a fan favorite)! Anyway, I gathered some cool stuff that is highly rated from other big boobed buddies.

Cute Cut Out Shirt: Ok this first pick is a fun cutout shirt that you could easily wear your favorite bra under.

This bralette I heard is life changing. Apparently some people have NEVER worn one before because they don’t have their size🥲 this one goes up to D and DD, but some reviews said it could fit DDD.Lacy braletteTank for bralette

If you can rock this dress please get it and message me! It’s so versatile and anybody could wear it! It’s a great transition to warmer weather dress. The only issue I could see is that it might be too short for some! I say if you got it flaunt it! Adorable dress

Lastly, believe it or not bodysuits are great for a big chest. I’ve heard the bodysuit itself offers some support and you can usually wear a bra under them. Again, don’t be afraid to try these!! I personally love a good body suit. The only annoying part is when you have to go to the bathroom and if I’m a teacher and can do it in between periods at work then you can too!!! Bodysuit More expensive, but love it

I hope this was helpful to some of you and as always, if you purchase any of these things or have additional tips, tell me in the comments!✌🏻

Ps- this is the shirt I wore my first night out after baby, lol I swear my boobs were bigger than they appear🤣

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