The Tube Top, Friend or Foe?!

So for whatever reason, tube tops are having a moment for this spring/summer. Tube tops were all the rage in my teen years in the early 2000’s however, I SWORE I would never go near the stuff again… until now.

I have been seeing over and over again tube tops being shown on my favorite websites and in stores. I think it’s high time I take the plunge and throw on one of these strapless numbers. I must say for the most part the tube top has evolved, especially for those of us that don’t want our bellies exposed. Any time my stomach is showing even a little , my daughter pulls down my shirt, or if my shoulders are showing she says Ummm mom why is your shirt like that? Can you cover your shoulders? … I was the same way with my mom as a kid, so I get it… I’ll save my parents getting a tattoo story for another time.

I’m linking some tube tops that I’m going to try and then I’ll give you all a treat with some throw back pics from my tube top wearing heyday!

Modern tube top

Love this one

Easy throw on tube top dress

Tube top cover up/dress

#2000’s I cropped out some faces for those that do not want to relive these days 😂

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