Fancy Pants- pants other than jeans

I know I’ve been on a major Jean kick lately, but after today’s events I’m taking a little hiatus. I was at the park with my daughters and one of their friends.( I’m also friends with her mom). Well, the park was closed, so I said ok let’s hop the fence!! SO much easier when you’re younger!!!!Well, We get the kids over and I go over rather smoothly… ok great!

When it was time to leave, I get the kids over, but then when I was jumping, I got a little stuck. Well, I literally ripped the entire crotch out of my jeans and was laughing so uncontrollably (if you know me this is how I get)that my friend had to lift my leg over the fence or I would’ve been stuck perched there for a while. So with that, let’s go to pants other than jeans👖.

The aftermath

Leather Joggers

I know I’ve mentioned my leather joggers in other posts and they need some time to shine. I could wear these all the time because they’re so comfy and versatile. Don’t be scurred to try them out, it’s like dressing up sweatpants! As I tell my kids, try it you might like it!! I see these always paired with concert t-shirts, mine is 311 circa 2017. The other top is from Forever 21🤫

This is the pair I have

Much less expensive pair

Leopard pants

This is another pair of pants I love! I definitely wore them on a friend’s bachelorette party and was going to post a pic from it, but there was a lot of penis paraphernalia happening, so I refrained (let me know if you would prefer that pic 🤣).

My pants: I got mine at lord&taylor R.I.P., but found them on Amazon. Best tank ever:

Easy jumpsuit

Lastly, a nice easy jumpsuit you really can’t go wrong with. I definitely will be wearing this one a lot come spring/summer.

Good lord I need a pedicure… ignore my toes and focus on the links 😬. My jumpsuit. Less expensive version

As always let me know if you try any of these and what your go to non-Jean is!! ✌🏻

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