How To Appear Thinner With Clothes

Don’t hate on me for this post, I get it , I’m skinny, but trust me that’s not always all it’s cracked up to be. I’ve pretty much been told “you’re too skinny” my whole life. I can’t help it, I blame it on being a nervous person lol. I even have a vivid memory of being like 8 years old and someone must’ve said something to me so I told my grandma and she said , “Well next time someone says you’re too skinny tell them, I’m not skinny I’m svelte.” My grandma Kitty had the best one liners. My all time favorite was when she told me a girl from her Catholic school told a nun “ to shit in a hat and punch it” and she would frequently remind us if someone said or did something we didn’t like, to use that line on them🤣🤣 It’s funny how these things stick with you.

There’s lots of little tricks you can do to make yourself appear thinner with clothes. I definitely did these things when I was preggo before I really wanted to tell people.

Jackets and Cardigans

First, wearing a jacket or cardigan over your shirt/dress really helps. I literally have a million cardigans from when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter for this reason. Cardigans are great because you can play with proportions. You can do a long tee with a shorter cardigan/jacket or a long cardigan/jacket with a shorter or fitted shirt underneath. I also suggest not having any sort of fasteners actually fastened. I love that me and my mom wore a very similar outfit today. I forgot to take a pic with her, so my dad took one and minus the dog in the pic he did 👍. I think the cardigan on both of us gives an illusion of a smaller frame as well as covers up areas (like butt or thigh) that some aren’t comfortable with!

My cardigan is sold out, but I’ll link my moms. I have hers too, but mine shrunk, you CAN’T put it in the dryer.
Mom’s Cardigan:
(affiliate link)


Shapewear is definitely something I know people love because it smooths out all the bumps and bulges. To be honest, I had never tried any until this year. I was looking for a black short sleeve shirt and came across a bodysuit by a brand called Yummie ( I only knew of this brand bc it’s Heathers’ from RHONY). So, let me be clear it’s the best layering piece I own!! I wear this under So many jackets, cardigans, blouses, you name it. It smooths you out so much and is comfortable. I know the bodysuit thing is a no no for some, but really try one, they’re not bad at all! This pic I’m wearing mine!!!

My shirt is sold out, but this is the same with a square neckline:
Tank top version:

Cinching with a belt

This one is great because it can fake a shape on an outfit that otherwise is shapeless. You can cinch at the waist or even do a belt with low rise jeans to elongate your body.(this one works better on boyish figures though). I think a fair rule, in my opinion, is most shapes look better with a thinner belt that isn’t too tight. So, don’t think the tighter I pull this belt the better! Keep it loose because it’s all about creating an illusion of shape. Belts are big this spring/summer and I’m excited about it! Anybody remember when seat belt belts were a thing?! Lol This was from x-mas, I’m wearing a belt from express that has to be 10+ years old

I like these because they come in so many sizes!! Cute belts(3 pack):
(affiliate link)

Wearing heels

To me it seems obvious because it makes you instantly look taller and leaner! I know some of you hate wearing heels and that’s ok, try a chunky sole, it pretty much has the same affect! Chunky soled sandals and boots are all over the place right now!! Also a nude shoe will ALWAYS make your legs thinner/longer than they actually are. I just bought these and am soooooo excited for them. They’re pricey, but I had some loyalty $$ to use😃😃😃

Dr. Martin chunky slides

As always, let me know if you try any of these! Hope you enjoyed these tips and if not …Go shit in a hat and punch it!! Jk jk 🤣😂

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  1. I always love my cardigans for the look but also because i am always cold! I have to remember grandmas line next time someone aggravates me!

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