Insta-what? Insta-who?!

Today I’m sad to say is the end of an era. I, Kaitlin, signed up for Instagram 😳! I think my husband and I were the last people on this Earth without it. Truthfully, I wanted to get my blog out for more people to share in my world lol. I’m kinda sad to break my streak, but this is what all you young yipper snappers say I need.

Instagram was NOT easy. I thought ok cool I’ll put up my logo throw out some friend requests(wait that’s Facebook) and create some posts, This should be done in no time right? Wrong!!! To be fair I’m a teacher so I consider myself somewhat tech savvy and I have my husband who has a high ranking IT job, so he’s usually my savior in technology. I thought easy breezy!! Well, he gave up after 5 minutes of helping me to go to his home away from home (Home Depot) and I was left with myself and the gram. So here are the highlights of the 3+ hours(after the girls went to bed) it took me to get this going…

Fun learning highlights

1. Calling my sister for a basic outline on how it works and why I need it. Thank goodness she is a teacher too and gave me the explanation in layman’s terms. I now know some insta lingo too, like “DM” (yup didn’t know what that stood for) and “linked in bio” oh yeah and instastories is something I’m apparently getting a lesson in one day too. Great ready to go!

2. Setting up my profile, ok, that wasn’t so bad! Now it’s time for posting. Ok where is the damn post button?? Do I call my sister and ask her?? No that’s embarrassing . Ok… google “ How do I make a post on Instagram?” All google keeps telling me is to push the damn + button. Where do I find this trickster?? Is he playing hide and seek? Long story short, apparently it’s not that easy to post from a laptop and it’s more mobile driven… oh yeah and in the midst of this I call my husband while he’s at Home Depot because I don’t know my password 😂.

3. My pre-teen nieces reactions to people I’m following/follow me. “Aunt Kait where did you find these people? And why is one guy kissing a gun?” Oh lord, i didn’t even know Anyone was following me other than my family. Apparently lots of randos will follow you and send a Direct Message or shall I say DM?! (see what I did there?)

All in all everyone has been very helpful and supportive, thank you everyone for sharing and reading!!! I appreciate it more than you know and I hope you enjoy!!

So, since I feel about 100 years old after all that, this outfit is one that makes me feel young! I know a lot of us fear the baggy jeans, but if you pair them with a fitted top and some nice shoes, it definitely can look age appropriate and cool 😎!

My shirt. My headband

My jeans, not on sale anymore though.

I like these too

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  1. Good thing you have your nieces to teach you these things. Doesn’t it make you feel old? 😂

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