Making Many Outfits From One Staple Item

This is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I love something and want to wear it a lot without being judged! My thought is, ok well if I change it up just a little maybe nobody will notice I’ve worn it 3 times this week🤣🤷🏼‍♀️. Maybe, me being a teacher in a high school, I think about this more than others because BELIEVE me kids these days(yup I said it) are wayyyyyy too comfortable saying things to their teacher!!They have no problem commenting on your outfit choices.

For example, when I was pregnant a girl told me I wear cardigans too much lol( girl wait until your pregnant and come talk to me about cardigans)! I’ve heard kids ask teachers “why do you wear those pants everyday? “Or one of my friend’s students told her, that her shirt looked like a “peeling onion” (I cracked up bc it kind of did🤣). On the other hand they are always quick to say when they like something too. Idk, but when I was in school I would have NEVER said things like that to my teachers!(I would say it behind their backs duh). My views now are, as a teacher I’m lucky I get out the door semi put together everyday! One day I went to work with two different shoes on and another day I put eye make up on one eye and not the other 🙄

Ok, so we want to be able to take one piece and wear it lots of different ways, so we get our moneys worth and in turn, can also wear it more frequently. Try throwing on a little jacket/cardigan! It can totally change up the outfit and bonus, keep you warm. Remember, blazers are also big this season too(the oversized ones are great)! If you aren’t someone that likes to layer, you can always change up your shoes and accessories to go from day to night. Most importantly step out of your comfort zone!!! The skirt I’m wearing in this picture I literally thought oh god I can’t wear that it’s too short, but when I paired it with some high boots it totally changed the proportions and I ended up loving it!

First, this shirt from Amazon I wore all the time last summer, and plan on wearing again this summer. It’s so versatile and under $20!

My shirt: link)

A brand I’m semi new to is All Saints. I’ve mentioned them in other posts because I think their clothes are great quality, however, not so great on my bank account😩. The good news is they have sales all the time and I mean they’re great sales!! This dress below, I bought in the fall and I’m in love with it!! I’ve worn it SO many different ways, I can’t pick my favorite!

They only have a size 10 left in this exact dress:

This one is really cool too:

Try new ways to wear a favorite item, you might just find your new favorite outfit!

My daughter was in here with me and asked why I was playing statue again lmao😂😂 She also told me to put up my current outfit!

My sweatshirt is sold out from Nordstrom, but here is almost an exact match!

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  1. You made my day! I have a few outfits I wear all
    The time. I’m gonna do my best to change them up!!!

    I actually bought a bathing suit this year that isn’t oversized🥺 I’m moving passed my comfort zone ☺️

    Thank you for all the advice.

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