Dresses To Dress Up or Down

According to my cousin, I can officially call myself a blogger for what I’m about to say… A lot of you have been asking me about… Seriously though I love all the inquiries and I’m going to try and address them all!

So… a lot of you have been asking about dresses you can wear casually or to a specific event. You’re in luck because buying dresses is my favorite thing and for some reason I have the hardest time parting with them. I may or may not have dresses in my closet from 2008…. ok 2006😳 .

Everyone is guilty of buying a dress and having it be a one and done. I want everyone to stop doing that!! Think about whether you can wear it somewhere fancy or just chillen in the backyard, if you can answer YES 👍 to both of these questions then I say buy it!!! Every look I’m posting I literally wear with heels or Birkenstock’s, hair up or down, with jewelry without jewelry, I even wore two of these things while pregnant!…Can you guess which two?!?!

This first look is my favorite for so many reasons. It can be worn dressed up or down, but it also flatters so many shapes. I wore this dress to dinner on the beach during my honeymoon 4 years ago, and my best friend wore it to a wedding 2 years ago. We both just happened to buy the dress, we didn’t share. Me and my BFF are two completely different body shapes, but it looked great on both of us!! Also, it’s super comfy as my BFF told me 100 times after a few cocktails at the wedding lol. I didn’t have a full length pic of my bff, but it’s the same dress different color!

My dress. They only have a size L left, but it’s on major sale! This Dress in black, all sizes available Dress in black 15% off if you sign up for email/text

This next dress, I’m literally wearing to work tomorrow with black boots. I’m wearing Birkenstock’s in the picture, but have also worn this with booties and wedges. I wanted this dress so badly last summer, but it kept selling out! I finally got it because I woke up to pee at like 2 in the morning and checked to see if it was in stock ( I’m a sick individual I know). I couldn’t find the leopard print, but I found the cheetah print still in stock, same brand and style!! Also, it’s so comfortable.

It’s available in all sizes!! Hurry!! https://www.nordstrom.com/s/5871050

This next one looks like a dress, but is actually a wrap skirt and top. Wrap skirts are on fire right now, I have a couple sitting in carts that I’m waiting to go in sale ( I feel like such satisfaction getting things for less). Wrap skirts, like a wrap dress, are universally flattering because the way the layers hit, creates a slimmer silhouette! This skirt i got at target at least 5 years ago, but I still wear it all the time. I’m going to link a few wrap skirts that I really like/want!

So cute with a black tank or t-shirt!!Floral wrap skirt.

I love this one too it’s more of a faux wrap skirt: Free people faux wrap skirt.

Ahh I love this one too: Cinched wrap skirt

Lastly the lacy floral number, both lace and floral are in, so why not put them together!?My dress is by BCBG and is no longer available, but I have this free people dress in my cart : https://www.freepeople.com/shop/out-and-about-maxi-slip/. I asked my husband if I should get it or is it too similar and his reply was,”Does it really matter what I think? You’re going to get it anyway” 🤣

This has a Lacey top and a sheer over lay love it dressed up or down ❤️

I’ll definitely do a part two to this post because I have a lot more examples!( I’m a teacher I love me some examples). Also, if you’re wondering about any other part of my outfit I didn’t link, feel free to message me.✌🏻

Ps- I asked my husband to take the girls outside for 30 minutes, so I could take pictures and this is what I came down to lol. He somehow rigged their tube onto the swing and my daughter is in there🙄

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