To Save or To Splurge? That Is The Question.

I feel like this is such a hard lesson for people to learn (myself included)! It can be really tough sometimes to decide how our fashion budget should be allotted. Hopefully reading this will help save you some money this season!

First things first, what should we splurge on? I am 💯 guilty of spending a lot of money on something and then letting it collect dust in my closet😩. If that happens try and re-sell on Poshmark! I’ve actually made a good chunk of change selling old clothes!

So, I came up with some things that I think are timeless and even seasonless(is that a word?) to take out that debit card for!

Go for the splurge items

#1. A Pair of Black Leather Spanx!

I have no clue why every single person has not just bitten the bullet and gotten a pair. Yes, they’re a little pricey, but they’re literally my go to for so many things. Even if you are older you can and should get a pair! One of my friends that’s in her 50’s rocks them all the time. Plus they suck you in, but are so comfy!!!You can dress them up or even wear them with a sweatshirt, the possibilities are endless, so go buy a pair ASAP! They come in plus sizes too.

Leather spanx

#2. A Tuxedo Blazer

People hear that and think you have to wear it to work or somewhere fancy, but that’s definitely not the case. I purposely am putting a picture of me with jeans and a t-shirt, so you can see what I mean. Sure, you can use it to dress something up or to work, but that doesn’t have to be it! I have this one in black and gray and have had both for 4-5 years and wear them all the time. Plus they never go out of style!

My Blazer 15% off for first time purchase: Tuxedo Blazer (affiliate link)
Only select sizes available on Amazon :icon (affiliate link)

#3. A Good Comfortable Pair of Wedges

I’ve posted about this before(remember the pair I’ve had for 14 years?) Again, wedges don’t go out of style and they are so comfortable! I broke my ankle back in September and these wedges are pretty much the only heel I can wear for an extended period of time! So go ahead and wedge it up!!

Wedges. These go on sale a lot so keep an eye out!

Items to Save on

Now let’s get to what we should save our money on! In my opinion, if it’s a temporary trend, Don’t spend a small fortune because who knows how long it will last for?! I remember in college wearing two collared Abercrombie shirts layered with a popped collar😳. So, these are the things I think we should definitely find a bargain for! Here’s what trends I think we should save on for this season.

#1. Chain Belts and Shift Dresses

I cannot believe the chain belt is back! I remember going to g&g (that just spell checked to H&M lol) to find these belts in like 7th grade. Well, they’reeeee backkkkkk! Some of these suckers go for like $100… no thanks! Also, you can find a shift dress literally anywhere, so do not spend more than $30 on a basic one. In my outfit below the chain belt was $20 and the dress was $10! The dress runs a little big (I’m wearing an xs). Plus they have the dress in a bunch of colors, so cute!!!

Chain Belt. Shift dress

#2. Oversized Blazers

I love them I really do, but this trend comes and goes, so don’t spend a fortune!! I love this type if blazer to throw on with a dress, a crop top, or a guttered tee. My friend just told me she read my post about oversized blazers and how they’re in again, so she rocked one on her date this weekend. ( I think it went well, it was probably the blazer). The one I’m wearing in the first pic, I got at target for $18! I can’t find mine on their website, I guess because I got it on clearance in the store, but here is a similar one. Oversized blazer.

This one looks like mine: link)

#3. Rope and Netting

Yes, you read that right! I don’t think this will be a forever trend, so don’t make it rain buying these things please. I was so close to buying a shirt with netting for 50 bucks, but took my own advise because I knew I was going to write this post 🤣. The rope shirt and netting cardigan aren’t available anymore, but I’m linking similar.

Similar Black Top: (Affiliate link)
I like this one better than mine: Netted cardigan

Remember, splurge if it’s something you can get a lot of use from and save if it’s an on trend moment! Let me know what you like to splurge on and more importantly, for what trends do you play that bargain game? Also if there’s any other part of my outfit you want a link for let me know!✌🏻

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