Jump Jump Jump Around… How To Wear A Jumpsuit

Is it weird, jump around is the one song my whole family gets up and dances to together at a wedding?! Ok pack it up pack it in let me begin… So a reader messaged me asking if I could do a post on jumpsuits. She said she wanted to find a jumpsuit that didn’t make her look like an “oversized baby” 🤣. I definitely have some tricks to help with that because it is easy to just look like you’re wearing a onesie and if you’re wearing full bloomers underneath it can look like a diaper too..jkjk

I truly think everyone needs at least one good jumpsuit, it’s such a nice change from a dress. The only downfall is going to the bathroom in one 😩.

Well, my tips are nice and simple ways to achieve the desired jumpsuit look. I feel like a jumpsuit could definitely be an investment piece because they don’t seem to be going anywhere!

Tips for looking fly in a jumpsuit

1. Add A Belt!!!!

This immediately creates a differentiation between the top and bottom and that’s what you want. I think that’s where people are unhappy when they try one on. Plus you get that illusion of a waistline. Check out the difference!

Mine is BCBG and is no longer available, but this one is easy to add a belt to. Black jumpsuit. I also really like this romper version! Short Sleeve Built In Belt

2. Choose A Jumpsuit With An Interesting Top

This also creates the illusion of it being two separate pieces. I think when the top is different your eye goes there first then to the rest of the jumpsuit and again, helps keeps it away from that “oversized baby” feel. There’s so many jumpsuits with interesting tops, I’ll link a couple of my favs! This one is cute!! https://amzn.to/3wSU5Bk

Another interesting top

3. Choose One Color OR A Pattered Top With A Solid Bottom

I think we start getting that baby onesie look when we have crazy patterns. No palm trees, or paisley design, or anything else my 4 year old might wear. Keeping a jumpsuit to one color is more classic and definitely keeps it age appropriate. I personally prefer darker colors for an evening look. Don’t be afraid of patterns all together, but keep it to only a pattern top!

This is in my cart right now and I’m excited!!! ❤️❤️https://amzn.to/3mDTY8g

***If you’re not one for belts choose a jumpsuit that has either a tie or a clear separation of the top and bottom. I know this is a casual jumpsuit, but notice how the tie differentiates the top from the bottom?!

Hope this helps, would love to see some pics of jumpsuits you try! Also, don’t be afraid to try one!!! I was so anti for a while (mainly because I pee so much during the day), but now I love them, except when my kids walk in on me in the bathroom and ask why I’m going to the bathroom naked!!!😂✌🏻

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