Bathing Suits For All Your Wants And Needs

Raise your hand if you’ve ordered multiple bathing suits from Amazon to try on in the comfort of your own home (and then returned) 🙋🏼‍♀️!!! So here it is the dreaded bathing suit post!! I really tried focusing on all your bathing suit wants and needs based on questions I was being asked. This post was really enjoyable because people had a lot to say about this topic and I learned a lot!!! The number one thing I learned, was that bathing suit shopping is hard for EVERYONE despite your size and shape! I know people assume it’s easy for me because I’m thin… but it’s not. I mentioned in another post I haven’t found a bathing suit I loved in a longgggg time… until now 🙆‍♀️

I’m going to do my best to make you feel your best while chillen poolside this summer! 👙☀️🍹


I’m definitely a fan of suits that I can mix and match and this was probably the #1 thing that people said they were looking for. The brand I heard a few people say is great is Shade & Shore from target. It’s VERY well priced too! I personally would pick this Bikini top with this bottom Bottom from that brand. I also have to throw in this Bikini top from Nordstrom because I think it’s super cool Nordstrom top I would pair it with this bottom Target bottom.

This bottom is so versatile: (affiliate link). Here’s a top, I would pair it with (affiliate link). Similar top in plus size: Similar plus size

Also loveeeeee this top Cool top

So, my bathing suit bottom is legit magical 🦄. It’s probably the most comfortable/flattering suit I’ve had in years. I like the higher waist, but the higher ones look weird on me, so this is right in between! It’s pricey I know, but if you know me I will probably wear this for the next 10 years! That’s also why I paired it with a $15 top. I debated putting up a selfie, but whatever, here’s my svelte un-tanned, non flexing self!!!. Not gunna lie here … I did 20 sit-ups before I took this 🤣

My top comes in DD too: My top. My bottom. Finally got that pedicure fyi.


This one I definitely got a few questions on! Some of these “ tummy control” suits can run you like $200 just for the top!! That’s 🥜. I think you can flatter your tummy by wearing a suit with some ruching, ruffles, or something with flow! Here are some tried and true(people told me they really liked them).

Flows/slight ruffle: (Affiliate link)

Tankini that comes in a bunch of colors, I’m rooting for the leopard (Affiliate link)

I like this one’s hippie vibe, but it comes in lots of colors (affiliate link)

This one also comes in plus sizes: Supportive,cute, and plus size too

Pricey, but it’s supposed to be great Magicsuit tankini


This was rated as flattering for ALL sizes!!! It’s super cute and comes in lots if colors and has tummy control! I also am digging the one shoulder (affiliate link)

Sexy Mama (affiliate link)


I had this question asked to me from both ends of the spectrum! I think having something that gives you slight coverage as well as something interesting going on definitely helps. A friend of mine says she feels like she has two toothpicks hanging from her shoulders lol and this bathing suit tankini helped her feel more confident. Tankini.

This one has 24 colors and more arm coverage! (affiliate link)

Don’t forget to check out my post on other things you may need this summer!REAL Summer Staples

Remember, wear whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful because that’s all that really matters. Uds. TIENEN QUE decirme si compraron uno de estos trajes de baño!!! All of you HAVE TO tell me if you bought one of these suits!!!!✌🏻

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