5 Toppers for Sleeveless Outfits

I decided to write this post because I’m always cold and need to wear something over anything sleeveless. My cousin actually inspired me because she had bought a dress to wear to an event, but the weather ended up being way colder than anticipated and she needed some topper ideas. I’d also like to add that these would be great in the summer if you work in a building where they blast the AC or even if its at a friend’s house that likes to keep the thermostat at 58 🥶. I personally am a 72 degree thermostat gal, at least until my husband changes it,(it’s a war of the nest).

Sweater Sleeves 😍

This first one, listen, you all are going to think I’m crazy!!! I’m on, not 1 or 2, but 3 waiting lists for this! I’m obsessed literally. Do you watch Summer House? If so, then you saw Amanda wear it and I loved it, but can’t find it ANYWHERE. The sold out one: Sweater sleeves sold out.(tell me if you snag it). This is the sweater sleeves I ordered: Sweater sleeves alternative. I think it looks very similar, I’ll let you know if it’s everything I’d hoped for lol.

Jean Jackets

Ok, I’m so surprised when I learn someone doesn’t have one or let alone tell me they NEVER owned one. Well it’s high time you all get your butts out there and get one. I’ve said this before, but I literally wear it allllllll the time. I even wore it over my dress at my daughter’s 2nd birthday party It’s the perfect topper for sleeveless anything!! This one is mine and it just fits so nice and is surprisingly very soft. My Denim Jacket. Be sure to get the indigo blue color.

Cute oversized option: https://amzn.to/3nKXePM(affiliate link)


Incase you don’t know a shirt/jacket= a shacket They are amazing toppers for anything sleeveless whether it’s a crop top, a dress, or a t-shirt. It totally gives a cool vibe to any outfit plus they are so warm and comfy! I had a wonderful one that’s sold out, but it went through the wash and it was dry clean only😩. (I’m glad my husband and I share the laundry job, but in that same week he also shrunk the boss sweater I bought him for his bday). I bought myself this one which is pictured—> https://bit.ly/2PQahTx .(affiliate link) #Stevemaddenpartner. I really like this for the spring and cool summer nights! Join SM pass for 20% off and free shipping over $50.

Leather Jackets

These can be worn ALL year. Somebody once told me you can’t wear a leather jacket in summer, and I think that’s a load of malarkey. I was looking back at pics from the summer of 2013 and there I was with a dress on and my leather jacket. To be honest I even wore mine over my outfit to work today! My faux leather coat: My faux leather coat. Check out how I pair this coat with in the Making a sweatshirt fancy.

Real Leather Coat Option❤️❤️: Real Leather Jacket (affiliate link).

Fancy Occasion Cardis

I don’t know about anybody else, but I freeeeezeeee at every wedding before I get up and start dancing. Usually, I can’t find a topper that is fancy enough for my dress or that doesn’t look like something my grandma would wear. I was on the search for a fancier cardigan and I found a couple options. This one comes in lots of colors although it won’t keep you too too warm, it’s super cute! —>https://amzn.to/33dyJB4. (affiliate link)

How pretty is this one from express?! Bubble lace sleeve cardigan. 😍😍

One more, Possibly a beach wedding?! Love it though https://amzn.to/3xI7QmR (affiliate link)

As always, let me know if you buy any of these and what you might like to see more of!!! Thanks for reading and stay warm!

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  1. I am one who is always cold.. my jobs always have the ac on & I freeze.. i have to decide which one to get!

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