The Results Are In… Biker Short Set and Sweater Sleeves

I literally was excited to come home today because I knew some items I ordered were finally being delivered! Does anybody else get disappointed when they don’t see a package on the porch?! It’s crazy because I alwayssss was an in store shopping kinda gal, but since the pandemic, I pretty much converted to all online shopping (it’s dangerous)! The clothes that came today I have been anxiously waiting for and I told you I would share when they came in… so here we go!!!

Neutral Beige Outfit

I talked about this in my last post Wearing The Neutral Trend This Summer. After ordering it I almost immediately thought of returning it 🤦🏼‍♀️Today it came and I have to start off by saying how this outfit really feels like quality material. I was totally expecting a cheap feel and was pleasantly surprised. Secondly, just how versatile this can be, I immediately thought of tons of ways to wear this! My verdict…. two thumbs up, fine holiday fun.👍👍So, at first I tried putting a belt on with this and I felt like Peg Bundy so that was a big N-O! Also it also came with this weird strap belt?!? Not really sure what that was for.

Neutral biker shorts and tee: link)

The outfit with a topper

Outfits using both pieces as separates

My outfit on the left, omg I loveeee this top, I bought it when Jean Paul Gaultier did a line for Target in 2010👏

Sweater Sleeves

The sweater sleeves I told you all about in 5 Toppers for Sleeveless Outfits FINALLY ARRIVED!! Although these are a dupe of the sleeves I really wanted, I’m still very satisfied. Ok, the color of this one was a little different than I expected, but i don’t mind it. After wearing this to work today, I can definitely tell I will be throwing this on all summer long! I could see how some might not like it falling off your shoulder, but I for one like the whole flow-y easy feel of them. Overall, I’m super pumped this came and I guess I can take my name off those waiting lists, which by the way I’ve been on for 3 weeks!

The store I got them from still has some in stock, but they did say they sell out fast. If you’re digging them grab em quick—>Sweater Sleeves

I feel like I stepped out of my comfort zone with the neutral beige outfit and ended up super happy with the results. I hope some of you step out of your comfort zone and try these or something else you’ve been contemplating! ✌🏻

3 thoughts on “The Results Are In… Biker Short Set and Sweater Sleeves

  1. Love this! Any thoughts on SHEIN?! I’ve seen a lot of tik tok ppl and IG influencers doing hauls rn and would love your thoughts. Maybe a review? Everything looks so cute and great but not sure of the quality.

    1. I’ve definitely seen Shein all over the place and have been asked this question before! The clothes are super cute, but the quality isn’t! I would say if it’s for a trend you want to just try for a season it’s great. As you can see, I keep my clothes forever so I personally would spend a little more, so I have it longer!
      My niece gets a lot of stuff from there, so I think it’s also good for kids/teens that are growing!

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