Kid Sale: Summer Items

This post I’m doing because I had some requests for another kid post! I just bought some super cute things for my girlies, so I’ll share those and some other good finds🛍.

It’s crazy because as little as my girls are they already have their own sense of style! Luckily, they still let me match them, but I’m sure I can’t do that when they’re older😭. Omg does anybody watch Extreme Sisters on TLC?! If yes,we need to chat, so addicting 🤣🤣

Girl Clothes I Purchased From Limonada

I know I’ve mentioned the store Limonada in the past and I can’t say enough good things about them! Their clothing is so well priced and really good quality AND ships really fast! These shirts are just so darn cute and my girls get so many compliments whenever they have them on.

Pictured Tank: Cold Shoulder Lace Tank. (affiliate link)

Shirt in a dress version: Dress Version (affiliate link)

I’m always searching for white cardigans for them to throw over sleeveless dresses and this one is super cute: White Cardigan (affiliate link)

Lastly, I bought this dress for my friend’s baby 😍😍😍Adorable Baby Dress (affiliate link)

Little Girl Sale Items (pictures are clickable links)

These shorts are summer staples and great for my oldest daughter that now insists on shorts under her dress. Today in fact, when I was changing her for dance I discovered she was wearing a pink flower skort under her dress?! When I asked why, she said her daddy told her to go put on shorts and that’s what worked! I’m unfortunately already at work when they get ready in the morning, however I ALWAYS leave the outfits out- yet there’s always something interesting going on when I pick them up in the afternoon lol.

Bike Shorts: Bike shorts

This Romper I just ordered for my 2 year old. I love the boho feel to it! Boho Romper

Here’s another romper, it has a big kid and little kid version!

Little kid version: Little girl version floral romper

Big Kid Version: Big kid floral romper

Love this cute little skirt and top set from H&M. It would definitely be good as separates too!! H&M is also having 20% off $75 and free shipping! Skirt and top set

One more from H&M: 2 piece red floral

Boy Picks

It’s fun shopping for boy clothes!! These pics are for little boys and definitely things I would buy IF I had a boy! Maybe I’ll try for number 3- if my husband didn’t have a heart attack whenever I mention it 🤣!

I love a good set!!this one is going for the preppy look: Button front shirt and shorts set

Another cute set, I would say this one is more of a skater look?! Calvin Klein set

Lastly, a friend of mine said these are the best henley shirts because they don’t shrink! H&M 3 pack henleys

I hope these fulfill some of the kid items you were asking about! As always, let me know what you and your little ones liked✌🏻

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