Best Coverups For Summer 2021

I’m a teacher and have off in the summer, so let me say 1. yes we need that time off and 2. don’t be jealous. With that being said, I am always in the pool or at the beach during the day with my kids. A cute yet easy cover up is a MUST. I personally like to have a coverup that works with me running errands or going somewhere in between. I’ve gathered up my top choices for this summer and tried to find all different types to help suit your needs!

The Dress Coverup

I think throwing any dress over a suit can work, but, sometimes we don’t want to get a dress wet or wear it to the beach, I get it. This first one is so cute and easy. It can definitely be worn as a non coverup, comes in lots of colors, AND it has the ruching trend👍👍.

Ruched Side Dress/coverup: Dress coverup ruched sides

My second pick for a dress coverup is the one I’m eyeing! At some point I will buy this, but with the amount of deliveries I’ve had lately I need to cool my jets a bit. C’mon though this is so cute!

Free People Coverup: Long free people coverup

Short Crochet Version: Short crochet (less expensive too)

My last dress pick is a coverup from O’Neil. Honestly anything beach related that is by O’Neil or Billabong is good in my eyes! This one comes in different colors, but I really like the yellow!

O’Neil coverup dress: O’Neil coverup

Terry Cloth Coverups

Terry cloth options are so great because they can keep you cozy and are awesome for when you’re wet! I love this first option and feel like I would wear this anywhere! It’s sold as separates!

Bottom:Cream terry cloth shorts

Top: Terry cloth cream top

These linen pants are another great option to pair with the above shirt they are linen. I always feel these are good for summer nights at the beach (affiliate link)

Ok, I’m always jealous of my girl’s terry cloth coverups because they warm them up so fast! Plus, the zip ones are sooooo easy to throw on and off. I liked this one because it looks more adult-ish with the button closures.

Terry cloth coverup adult version: link)

Other Fun Options

Here are some cool or different options for coverups! This first one is simple, but has a cute back and again my main theme here…it’s easy! Also, comes in lots of colors!

Cool Back Coverup: link)

If you read my blog, or just know me, then you know I am always cold. I mean literally I wish it were 98 degrees everyday… “you’re my sunshine after the rain, you’re the cure against my fear and my pain.” Anybody? Anybody?…

This cozy coverup is definitely great for when you want to warm up after a dip! Hoodie Coverup

This one below I like because you can wear it as a dress or a skirt and can be worn as a regular dress/skirt

Dress/skirt coverup

How cute is this plus size option? I love the back!Plus size option

Ok, so I had bought one of these from Nordstrom and it confused the heck out of me, so I returned it. This one though makes it sooooo easy ( mine didn’t have straps like that to be fair). I think I need to try again with this one, especially for $11! Wrap dress coverup

Don’t forget to check out the coverups in REAL Summer Staples

Sorry for the long post, but there’s so many options!!! I have more too, so if none of these tickle your fancy, shout me a holla. ✌🏻

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