How To Style Wide Leg Pants

When this trend was first coming around all I could think about were Jnco jeans?? Do you remember them??? Omg, I remember when they were the best thing!! I was never allowed to have any of the real crazy pairs, but I definitely rocked the subtler ones. I feel like this pic reminds me of like 7th grade ( I was def jealous of girls that had this pair🤣). 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

I think fashion has come a long way since the baggy pants of the 90’s, yet it still brings me back! I got some questions from people wanting to wear them, but not knowing how to style them. I have some cool ideas for you, but I definitely think you have to play around with fit for your own preference.

Tops For Wide Leg Jeans/Pants

I was always an advocate for the skinny Jean, but have 100% jumped on the wide leg bandwagon. I personally prefer to balance the wide leg with a tight fitting top. This is NOT necessary though! You can definitely just tuck any shirt in, throw on a blazer and call it a day. Literally it could be a button down, t-shirt, Henley etc. Tucking it in plays on the hourglass silhouette that wide leg pants help promote!

Jeans I’m wearing: Agolde Jeans 👇🏻👇🏻

Dupe: (affiliate link)

Regular shirts, the left is the shirt from this set: (affiliate link)

Bodysuits are great because they stay in place and has the perfect tucked in look every time! Check out the white pair and a close dupe in 5 Dupes For Items You Love.

All worn with bodysuits!

Crop tops are a standout with wide leg pants and even if you think you can never do a crop top… with a high rise and a longer crop, it is totally doable! The jeans I’m wearing are from This site is new to me, but has some really cute things! They also have a stellar customer service!

Jeans I’m wearing: My Jeans 👇🏻👇🏻

Good dupe: link)

Cute Plus Size Pair:Plus size

Long crop on the left, short on the right.

Best Shoes For Wide Leg Pants

Normally I would say anything goes, but I don’t think certain shoes look good with wide leg pants. The hem of the pant is very important. If you are styling a cut off wide leg pant, then I would say a wedge or any heel really looks great. If the hem is full length I would steer away from a wedge. Something about the proportions of a wedge with the wide leg doesn’t work for me, UNLESS the pants are tight at the ankle (that was a lot Im sorry).

If you’re thinking about heels with wide legs, that’s my favorite. Block heels, pumps, or open toed heels look good. Heels also add a feminine touch and add a sleekness to a baggy pant outfit.

A flat simple sandal also work great with a wide leg because it shows off the pants and allows them to flow! If the pants are cropped, a flat sandal/flip flop will shorten your silhouette. If you’re tall then it doesn’t really matter as much. Also a chunky sandal or sneaker looks really cute too!!

My favorite chunky sandal you’ve seen me where in tons of posts, on sale too!!

My new favorite pair of flat sandals: My Neutral Flat Sandal They come in lots of colors, are so comfy, and only $40!!’(I’m wearing beige)

Please do not think baggy pants are not flattering, especially if you have a curvier figure. It’s actually the opposite and if styled correctly can be so slimming. Again, I think the high rise or mid rise are best. If you feel your front bulge is accentuated, stick with a darker wash, don’t be afraid to size up, and embrace shape wear! If all that doesn’t work for ya, add a long cardigan or blazer!

Ok that’s it for now!! Let me know if you need help styling a pair of baggy pants you know you want to buy OR if you want links to anything else I’m wearing!!✌🏻

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  1. It reminds me of the pants we wore in the early 70’s! wish i was young enough to wear them

  2. Tischa I thought the same thing. I think we wore crop tops with them. And platform sandals!!!

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