Say Yes To The Maxi and Midi Dress

With the summer finally here, who isn’t looking for cute and easy dresses to wear?! I know I always am. Everybody has a style of dress that they know looks good on their shape( and if you don’t reach out I’ll help you)! In this post, I really wanted to focus on the maxi dress and the midi dress because they are great for EVERYONE! I know, you petite gals are shaking your head no, but hopefully you can find a midi or maxi from this post that works for you. Plus all these dresses are under $100 (with one exception at $118)

The Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a dress that usually falls to the ankle or right above the ankle. I just love maxi’s so much because they are so easy and you can wear them to work, the beach, or for a night out. I’ve gathered some of my favs for this season! For my shorter ladies, a slit will definitely make your legs elongated, so, a dress similar to the dress on the left might be best. Let me know what you get🛍.

Tye-Dye Dress |Middle dress/green vetiver|Green

Tube Maxi: (affiliate link) |Button up open back

There’s also lots of two piece maxi/midi sets out there, but to be honest, it’s hard to find a good one! Most that I’ve encountered are cheap looking/feeling or show just way too much for this momma. The one I’m wearing on the left, I like because it only has a peekaboo showing and I’m feeling that the top is a loose fit. The skirt had more material than I was expecting, but I actually really liked it on. The set on the right I was given as a recommendation from someone that purchased it. They said the same thing, that they liked the peekaboo and could expose more skin if they wanted.

Left: Free People Set | Right: link)

Midi Dress

A midi dress goes below the knee, but isn’t quite as long as a maxi dress. Usually, the hem ends halfway between the knee and ankle! For shorter ladies, you want to find a length that hits just above or just below the widest part of your calf to make your legs seem longer. You CAN wear this length!!!

Long midi | Short Midi | Medium Midi

I just ordered the one on the left: 👇🏻(affiliate link)| Dress on the right

Nap Dress

I’m adding this one in because a lot of these are also midi/maxi length. For those of you that don’t know what a nap dress is, it got it’s name for being comfortable enough to nap in. They are usually fitted in the bust area. The dress usually will have a smocked bust and/or exaggerated sleeves. Here are a few I thought were cute.

Target Dress | Loft Dress | Revolve Dress

As always, let me know if you buy any of these!! Hope you enjoy✌🏻

*All Revolve links I do receive a small commission on, as well as other labeled affiliate links.

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