Fun Summer Tops

Remember in the early 2000’s when everyone had their “ going out shirt” paired with their favorite jeans?! I have to admit I still get in that mind set and say oooo I could wear that shirt out…. Then I’m like wait where the hell do I go?! WeAr it out to the supermarket or to my kid’s play date?!🤔 🤣 However, I do still love a good top especially one’s that are versatile and I can get a lot of wear from. Hope you enjoy some of these fun summer tops!

Silk Cami

Silk is very hot right now whether it’s a silk slip dress or a silk little tank, this is a trend I’m all over! The good thing about these is that they never usually go out of style. I have a bunch from over the years, but recently just bought this one from Kohl’s (probably not real silk, but whatevs). I’m also going to link a pricier real silk version that also has some fun straps!

My Silk Tank | Fancy Real Silk Version

Fun Funky Tops

There’s so many good one’s!! I’m linking some of my favorite’s especially the lace trend. I see this everywhere and It really can elevate a simple outfit. Omg the shirt on the bottom right😍😍😍 Unfortunately, my shirt is no longer available, so I’ll link something similar.

Similar to mine:

Top Right:

Bottom Right: Bell Sleeve Shirt


These are fun to just throw on over an outfit. I prefer to make it the standout piece and usually keep whatever’s underneath plain and simple. . Kimono’s are also great for coverups too don’t forget! If you’re looking for a good coverup, be sure to check out my post Best Coverups For Summer 2021

Best Tank: I always post about this one.

Spanx Shorts On SALE: Spanx biker shorts these rarely go on sale, so go quick!!

I’ve had my kimono for years! My Kimono

I like the Floral Beige of this one:

Plain White Tank/Tee

Everyone needs a good white tee/tank for the summer. This one runs big, but I prefer to just style it in different ways to achieve the look I’m going for. Let me know if you need help with styling! Even if you have one sitting in your draw, take it out and try wearing it in a different way and you might put it back in your rotation.

Tank: |Leather Joggers

Cardigan Sets

These soooo remind me of the late 90’s early 2000’s. Every time I see one I think of the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. The pant’s are also very 90’s here and are totally on trend. I have more wide leg pant outfits in How To Style Wide Leg Pants

Cardigan Set | Baggy Jeans

Both these cardigan sets are $20! My mom just bought the one on the left and loves it! 👇🏻

Kohl’s set | Forever21 Set

Cold Night Throw On

I just really wanted to post a sweatshirt and Shacket for 2 reasons. First and foremost these two are on sale right now and secondly I throw these on all the time on summer nights! ( I actually wore the Shacket over shorts and a tank today)

My color in the Shacket sold out, but I love the color in the linked version too. For the sweatshirt, I’m wearing the color Taro.

Shacket. | Sweatshirt

As always, reach out if you buy something and love it or if you have any questions!! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for quick links and other fashion finds! Click on the icons icons here—> Home

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  1. I love the sweater sets! Where did you get the shoes you are wearing with the sweater set? I love them.

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