The BEST Shoes For Summer

All these shoes in the video are linked!! My closet is getting out of hand with shoes, but this summer the shoes are just too good!!! My husband says for every new pair I buy, I need to throw out an old pair… sounds way easier than it ACTUALLY is (especially since I have shoes that are 15 years old).😳

So, this past school year I broke my ankle in two spots and was in a boot for 9 weeks😩. Now, more than ever, I need comfort with my shoes! My ankle literally still hurts. Every single pair I’m posting, are comfortable and easily walked in, so if this is an issue for you, look no further!

The Waterproof Birkenstock

Listen, a regular leather pair of Birkenstock sandals will run you over $100!! These are only $45, plus they are the most COMFORTABLE sandal I have ever owned! I talked about this in REAL Summer Staples and a few other posts as well! Get on this trend now! I’m linking 3 of the most popular colors, white is sold out on so many sites, so I couldn’t link, but be quick with the silver because those are going quick too.

Birkenstocks: Black |Pink | Silver. (affiliate links)

Freedom Moses Slides

A close second to my Birkenstocks are the Freedom Moses slides! These too are very comfy, but the part I like the most is the fun designs and colors they come in! Also, if you’re looking for white, these are in stock now, but sell out quickly!!

Tye dye pair: (affiliate link)

Leopard pair: link)

White pair: (affiliate link)

Open Edit Sandals

Easily my new favorite brand. From clothing to shoes and accessories, they have something for everyone. Read more about the brand in my post here—>A New Trendy Brand For Regular AND Plus Size Women. I have and love the flat sandals, I love how the square top looks with outfits. The heeled sandal I think is super cute and the reviews said they are comfortable and easy to walk in. Both my f these come in many colors too, I’m just personally on a beige kick lately.

Open Edit: Flat Sandal | Heeled Version


Jelly shoes have come a long way baby. I can remember wearing jelly sandals as a kid and thinking I was hot stuff. I actually bought my daughter a pair of old school ones at target and she loves them too —>Girl Jellys . These jellys Im linking are definitely a little funky, but all right on trend! I also couldn’t find the heeled Steve Madden pair from my video, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Jellys: Top left | Top Right |Bottom Left(affiliate)

Bottom Right: (affiliate link)

Boots For Summer

Oh yes, you read that correctly, boots are still trending for the summer. Throw them on with a sundress, shorts, a skirt, really anything goes! I have both of these boots and I really do love them! You see me with the black ones in lots of posts. Chunky boots/sandals look great with feminine dresses… seriously!!!

Choose your color: Chunky Boots

My Favorite Wedge

I love the Michael Kors wedge so much! It goes with everything and just like all wedges, they’re so easy to walk in. I’m also linking the dupe that everyone talks about! It’s crazy how similar they are.

Top pair Michael Kors: (affiliate link)

Bottom Dupe: Dupe wedge

Ok lastly, I’ve just got to post my Dr. Martin chunky sandals from the video. I love love these sandals and always get tons of compliments on them! They’re on sale for $90. Dr. Martin Sandals and of course the awesome Nike sneakers My Nikes from my TikTok! 👇🏻

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