The Best Solution For Making Your Hairline Appear Fuller

The Cause Of My “Scalp Spots”

This post is a little different than my norm, but it’s something that rings true to a lot of people. So, I’ve always had a lot of hair, it’s thin, but I have a lot. I always have put my hair through the ringer with styling tools, highlighting, and basically trying anything people mention to me lol. My hair always seemed to bounce back really fast with anything damaging I did. So what happened?! Pregnancy🤰🏻. While pregnant, my hair was living its best life-full, shiny, and so strong. Well, all good things come to an end because after 3 months postpartum all that -ish falls out😩. For me, I swear my hair has never been the same and when I pull it back in a bun, I see lots of scalp showing. I know many people have this, but it was new to me!!

My Easy Solution

I googled a bunch of things and I know there’s growth serums and potions, but it’s really only when I pull my hair back, so I didn’t want to get too crazy. A few google searches later and I found the best product for filling in those unwanted spots. Clairol Root Touch-Up is awesome!!It’s a powder that comes with a little brush and you can just swipe it right onto your scalp! It’s super quick and nobody can tell. Even if this is something that never bothered you, now you might see those spots lol. It’s crazy how it really makes your hair look thicker! I got the light brown color for reference.

Check it out here—> (affiliate link)

Final Review

This product really helps disguise those small spots and gives an illusion of fuller hair. If you don’t feel like doing the rigmarole of waiting for growth treatments, definitely give this a try! I do t use it all the time, really just if I’m pulling my hair back tight. I also noticed taking collagen has helped keep my hair full and makes my nails stronger too! I have tried powders, but they taste like trash, so I’ve switched to these gummies —> (affiliate link)

Hope this helps some of you because it has definitely been clutch for me!✌🏻

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