Free People…My All Time Favorite Brand

I love doing posts about new or different brands, but I need to pay tribute to my “ spirit clothes”( hey spirit animal became a thing), Free People. I still remember my first shirt by this brand was a tank I purchased at a boutique in my home town and that’s when I fell in love with the brand.(Don’t judge me if I still own that shirt). I even remember saving up for a top I wanted so badly when I was in my early 20’s and was so excited when I bought it (might have that somewhere too). So, anyway today I’m going to post some of my favorite current trends from this brand. If you don’t know about it, make sure you check them out because the boho chic feel of this style is ah-maze-ing😉. Also, don’t forget to check all the different colors for each item because some sizes are selling out fast!

Side Story…

This pic is me this morning on my way to get my nails and toes did for the first time in forever. The reason I decided to go was because the other day my daughter bumped into me and started crying and having a fit which I thought was because she was tired. She kept saying your toe hurt me blah blah blah… long story short my toe nail actually did cut her and made her bleed that’s how long they were🤣🤣 and of course she had to tell everybody about it too! So yeah it was time!

I’ve been wearing these shorts all summer because they’re just super easy and cute. I just bought these sunglasses because they were only $20 and I got so many compliments on them!

Shorts. | Sunglasses


I hands down think free people has the most interesting dresses. There’s always some cool detail especially in the back which I love. They also offer most dresses in a variety of colors which is also great. I’ve owned many dresses from them and they NEVER disappoint! Also, check out Say Yes To The Maxi and Midi Dress for some other cute dresses!

Purple dress |Yellow dress |Mini dress

Jumpsuit & 2 Piece Set

Free People’s 2 piece sets and jumpsuits are the most comfortable of all the one’s I’ve tried AND they really are flattering on all different sizes and shapes! This jumpsuit is on my wish list because I just think it’s so cute and easy… it will definitely be my next pricier purchase!

2 piece set various colors |Open back 2 piece set

Jumpsuit | My fav 2 piece set


This sheer top is a must have! Sheer is very in right now and I’m totally feeling this top. You could pair it with one of the bralettes or even just a regular tank. I’m linking their bralettes and tanks because they’re awesome.

Sheer top. | Flower Tank |Bralettes | Plain tank


Im linking both these sandals one is a splurge and the other is a save, both are super cute!

Platform sandals |Chunky sandals

Let me know your thoughts on this brand and if you get anything of course✌🏻. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram by hitting the icon on my Home page!

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