Clothing and Accessories For Your Inner Hippie

Who doesn’t love some good hippie clothing and accessories? Whether you’re going to a festival or you just like some good fringe (like my mom) hippie chic is totally in right now!✌🏻

A Little Secret

So this post I had to do because I learned a few secrets since I started blogging. One of which is getting things directly from the distributor. I was eyeing a purse, but it was almost $100 and I didn’t feel like spending that, so I did a little research and found the distributor, where I snagged it for $40! I’m not saying this works all the time, but many times when you go to checkout and the product isn’t owned by the store, it will tell you where it comes from – then just look it up on your own. 🙌

Peace Bag

My Favorite Hippie Clothes

Ok you know I love a good hippie pullover and I’ve posted them in different blogs like Free People’s Gently Used Section, but this is the least expensive I have seen them, so I’m stoked. I can’t tell you which items are sold for much more on retailers page, but I can tell you EVERYTHING I’m posting is $40 and under!

Red pullover | Blue pullover | Goddess Skirt

Peace Tee |Hippie Soul:

Hippie Soul Tank

Tye dye dress:

Hippie Jewlery

I’m a sucker for this kind of jewelry and have been since I was a kid. I always remember asking for peace and ying yang necklaces. I even have a peace bracelet from Tiffany’s that I’m 💯 breaking out as I’m writing this!

Peace hanging earrings | Peace studs

Sky anklet | Bohemian flower anklet

Windchime |Double peace necklace

So remember folks stores markup prices and sometimes with a little research we can get a better deal😃!

*all Amazon links are affiliate links which mean I get a small commission if you purchase from my link. This is at no extra cost to you

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