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The time has come where I feel like my summer vacation is over and I have back to school anxiety😳. Literally, the first of August I say my summer is over lol. Now is also the time, I start buying things that I can transition from Summer into Fall. This is NOT a full on Fall fashion post, do you want me to have a full on anxiety attack?! That’s to come toward the *gulp* end of August😳😩


You really can’t go wrong with a jumpsuit. Many of you reached out to me after reading Jump Jump Jump Around… How To Wear A Jumpsuit and said you tried and loved wearing them! Some of you said you never wore one before and were pleasantly surprised, which makes me so happy!! Well, this trend will still be around for Fall which is great! I personally have 2 that I just love and will 💯 be wearing into the Fall.

First is the Free People jumpsuit, I get compliments every-single-time I wear this. So I will be honest, This is supposed to be worn as a tube top, but if you’re like me and don’t have much to hold it up, you will probably be pulling it up a lot, unless you use tape. I took the piece that goes in the front and used it to make a halter top. I think it looks better and I feel much more secure(this is not bra friendly). The best part is, it looks like a dress, but is actually pants and so so comfy! I might size up if you’re in between sizes. I’m wearing an extra small and it’s a little tighter than I thought it would be.

My Jumpsuit

My second pick is this orange jumpsuit from Revolve that I posted about in 4 Outfits To Live In This Summer. This is another one that is just so comfortable and I’ll dress it up or down. In this one I might size down if in between sizes. Orange jumpsuit (also on sale at the lowest I’ve seen it).

A couple other cute options👇🏻.

Top jumpsuit |Cutout jumpsuit | Black jumpsuit


This trend is going to be everywhere come this Fall. I am literally obsessed!! The jeans below are my all time favorite, but you can see more in Why Everyone Should Own Flared Pants. The jeans are stretchy at the top and in my opinion EXTREMELY flattering! I’m wearing glass blue in the picture. Also, I love love the variety of colors available!

Pull on flare jeans

Shirt dresses-60’s style

I think my grandma had this design on a “house dress” that she used to wear, maybe that’s why I like it so much. The 60’s/70’s flower print is all over the place for this Fall. I remember it also being a thing when I was in like 6th grade.

Flower dress to the left | Flower dress on right

Here are a couple other cute options👇🏻

Left retro dress | Right retro dress

Lifted Loafers

I am definitely getting a pair of these for the Fall, I just can’t decide which ones to get! I think these loafers look so cute with dresses for the summer and I will be making these a staple when I go back to work

Black loafers | Loafer clogs. | Metallic loafers

Strap clogs

Again, I will not speak of the you know what thing approaching at the start of September, but this is just a little preview to my full on Fall post coming soon. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for quick deals and steals! You can find my social on my Home page.*

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