Must Have Trends For Fall 2021

These are some of the things you will be seeing everywhere for this Fall. There’s lots of trends headed our way, but these are definitely the ones everyone should jump all over! When it comes to trends I wouldn’t spend a ridiculous amount on them because who knows how long they’ll be around for. The only exception I would say is shoes because if you plan on wearing them a lot you want them to hold up. I’ve already gotten all of these, so I’ll share my favs and a few other cool picks😎.

I also have to 💯% share photos of myself growing up because these trends were around in the 90’s early 2000’s

Sheer Top

There are so many good sheer tops for the Fall and I am loving them all! This one I’m wearing in the photo is definitely my favorite and it’s only $40!! Throw on a tank underneath and you’re good to go, plus this top comes in lots of colors if blue ain’t your thang! Also, posting my shirt under the flare picture, it sold out so fast, but you can preorder it for when it comes in. The flower top is only $38 that’s going to go quick too!!!!

My sheer top | Short sleeve sheer top |Flower top


I talked about this in Why Everyone Should Own Flared Pants, but again flares are back!!! They are flattering on ALL body shapes! I feel like these photos don’t do the green pants justice because I wore them over the weekend and got soooo many compliments (these also come in lots of colors). There are also many Jean flares out there, but these Jean ones are my ride or die. They are comfy and the top is stretchy, so you can play with the length which I like!

Flare jeans. |Green flares

Something Crochet

This goes for anything and everything. I was at freepeople the other day and the crochet (grandma stitch maybe it’s called) was on jeans,hats, shirts, accessories literally all over. Now, don’t make fun of me for this hat I bought, but, I try not to go in the sun too much (read why in My Journey With Melasma). I have no idea what it is, but I love this hat lol. I originally wanted the one in the right for $68, which I wasn’t paying and ended up finding the hat in the left for more than half the price. It comes on Thursday, so I’ll letcha know if it’s a bust. I’ll post some other things I’m feeling that is not this hat lol.

Crochet pattern hat-

Crochet tank. |Crochet dress.

Long sleeve top-

Sweater Vest

This is another one I’m loving! I ordered one from Abercrombie because it was 40% off (not anymore), but you can find these all over. What do you wear under them? Is the question I’ve been asked. I personally wear a fitted shirt, long or short sleeved , but some people like button down shirts underneath while others wear nothing. This season, really anything goes.

My argyle vest | Similar argyle

Retro- |Mock neck

Platform Shoes

So, I’m obsessed with my booties because the platform chunky-ness is awesome and I love the ankle is almost like a sock. Now I got these at the Nordstrom anniversary sale so they were much less expensive, but if you could splurge, do it with these!!! They also come in black. I also can’t believe I’m seeing platform clogs back in the mix of things… idk how I feel about that one yet?!

My booties. | Similar less expensive | Black clogs

EVERYTHING always comes back in style at some point… Enjoy my throwbacks and feel free to tell me what you used to rock😃

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