Wedding Guest Dresses For Fall

It’s still wedding season!! I have two weddings coming up myself, so while I’m looking for dresses, I figured let me share some of my favs with all of you!

I personally like dresses that are a little different or have a unique element to them. You definitely don’t want to have the same dress as someone else at the wedding. Fun fact, my mom and mother in law almost wore the same dress for my wedding( unbeknownst to one another), then my mom changed her dress like 2 weeks before our wedding-crisis adverted.

Long Dresses

I know I’ve posted some of these before, but they would be perfect for an upcoming wedding. I actually bought #2 and am debating wearing it to a wedding next month… I’ll have you guys vote when it gets a little closer. I can’t believe the price on #4 for a Norma Kamali dress!! #6 is available down below in plus size too☺️.

#1.- | #2. | #3.

#4. | #5. | #6

One more leopard that’s a little less expensive: Alternative to #4

Short Dresses

If you prefer a shorter little number, these are some of my top picks. Just so you know #2 also comes in black and is under $40!! Actually, all of these are under $80. I am also debating grabbing #4 for the other wedding we have coming up. * UPDATE* this one sold out except in one size and that was since this morning!! If you want, you can special order it and sign up for the email alerts because Revolve gets things back in stock quickly! I love the little wow factor that each one of these dresses posses.

#1. | #2 | #3. | #4. | #5

Plus Size

I am so pleased with these plus size options. You have to check out the brand AFRM, they are great for regular and plus size, I talk about them in 3 Reasonably Priced Brands You Might Not Know About. So, of all of these #5 is my fav. I have another version of that dress and it’s such a beautiful pattern. If you like #2 you have to be quick because it’s already sold out and been restocked. Also, #5 is under $40!! Any of these would look amazing at a wedding for sure!

#1. | #2. | #3. | #4

When it comes to buying a dress for a wedding, try hard to find one you know you will wear again. If it can be restyled and worn to work or even a night out but it! I have plenty of dresses I wore to weddings then never wore again, so keep that in mind before purchasing!✌🏻❤️

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