Best Buys For Fall Under $100-Part 1

I’m so happy to finally get this post out to all of you! It’s definitely been really tough writing as much since I went back to work. Then my kids were sick and it’s just been hectic. Last night I nearly had a heart attack because I thought I broke my flash drive(I know I need to back up more frequently), which literally has 10 years worth of lessons!!! Long story short my husband was able to get everything from it🙌🙌. Moral of the story? Marry a guy who is in IT! (And maybe backup).

So anyway onto the fall fashion deals…. Also, don’t forget to request to be part of my Facebook group for quick deals and steals! My Facebook group

Chunky Shoes

I really hope this trend never leaves us, I love it so much!!! There are so many good chunky shoes out there, but right now my go to are the loafers and booties pictured. I have gotten compliments every time I wear them( especially the booties). The tall boots I just got from Amazon and I can’t believe how great they are! They are super comfy and have just the right amount of stretch! I highly recommend! I’m going to link the dress too, it’s from last year, but I found it on Amazon 🙌.

Tall Boots: | Loafers



Statement Skirts

Statement skirts are so on trend for fall and really anything goes! I know you have probably seen the short pleated skirts, I personally am not feeling the trend, but if you can pull it off you do you! I personally am swooning over #3 and I love that #6 is two pieces (belt not included)

#1. | #2. | #3.

#4: | #5 | #6| #7

Layering Pieces

Ok DISCLAIMER #1 is over $100… I’m sorry I know it’s a splurge, but I loved it, so I included it… don’t be mad, I’ll find a dupe later😉. You have probably seen a lot of layering options out there for fall and I’m loving all of it!!! It’s so cool how these pieces are either separates or look like two pieces! I just ordered #2 because I thought it was funky and it is on sale! #6 is plus size and selling out quickly…

#1. | #2. | #3.

#4: | #5


Cable Knits

Cable knits are such a classic staple that never really goes out of style. Chunky,oversized, and cozy sweaters are definitely still in. I have #2 and love it, I also have #3 and I was able to find this free people sweater way marked down. Other colors are available, but the sale is only on certain sizes and colors so check them out! They were so popular last season and are back this season, new colors are on the free people site😃.

#1. |#1 plus size. | #2.

#3: |#4 plus size



There is a part 2 coming hopefully this weekend!! Let me know what hall trends you’re loving😍🍂.

Here’s a quick teaching story for you, I called a student’s parent about her not doing a project. Upon talking to her mom the most awkward thing was when she told me her daughter just started telling the McDonald’s employee her order on her own… umm ok!!? Btw my students are 16… random to tell me and what?!? Lol I’ll just end this post there🤣

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