Save Or Splurge Free People Edition

If you follow me, you know free people is my jam. I understand though that they have items that might be out of your price range, but the good news is there are so many items that are also a great buy! I went through and picked some of my favorite higher priced items and paired them with a less expensive counterpart look-alike!

The photo on the left will be the higher priced item and the photo on the right will be a less expensive version🙌.

The “Layered” Shirt

These shirts look like it’s 2, but it’s actually just one. I have the one on the right and it’s really really cute and soft! The shirt on the left comes in other colors too, so be sure to check them out.

Left Shirt. | Right Shirt


My love of flare jeans is real as you know if you’ve read my post Why Everyone Should Own Flared Pants. I have the pants on the right and even got so many compliments from my high school students lol. They are so so comfy and the top is stretchy and the fit is awesome! The best part is they come in so many colors! The photo on the left remind me of a pair of pants I had in the 2000’s, that top is so fun and I’m loving the flare too!

Left pants. | Right Pants

The Funky Bodysuit

I love both of these so much😍. I am still debating which one of these Im going to get! Some of you don’t like bodysuits, I get it, I felt the same way, but I’m so used to them now they really don’t bother me. The bodysuit really creates such a nice silhouette.

Left Bodysuit. |. Right Bodysuit

Midi Skirt

There’s just something about a hot pink skirt that gets me every time! I think both of these would be perfect for work or play and these also come in a lot of colors if pink isn’t your thang.

Left Skirt. | Right Skirt

Lace/Sheer Top

Lace and sheer tops are literally everywhere this season, I talk about this in Must Have Trends For Fall 2021. I have the shirt on the right in blue and I feel like I wear it so many different ways. You can throw a t-shirt on over it, put a tank under it, or even pair it with a sweater vest. Plus there are thumb holes which is an added bo us. The bodysuit in the left is a best seller and looks so good on!

Left Bodysuit. | Right Top


How do we feel about the clog trend? I think they look so cute on people, but I haven’t taken the plunge in buying a pair yet. I swear I recently just threw out a pair from like 15 years ago. My husband has a “rule” that I need to get rid of a pair of shoes for every new pair I buy lol… yeah doesn’t usually happen🙄. Anyway, these clogs are adorable and highly rated, please let me know if you get a pair or are rocking this trend already.

Left Clogs. | Right Clogs

Hope you snag some of these items and don’t forget to join my Face book group for daily deals and steals!

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