Olaplex Hair Repair Review

This post is about my hair transformation and my Olaplex hair repair review.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried a hair product where I’ve had such dramatic results! People have been telling me about Olaplex Hair Repair products for quite some time and I wanted to try it, but kept putting it on the back burner. I recently, on a whim, decided to give it a try. The results were actually quite shocking 😳. If you follow my blog, you know I have tried many things when it comes to my hair. If someone raves about a product I will try it lol. Olaplex is definitely a product where I couldn’t be happier with the results. There is nothing worse than spending your money and being disappointed. Read on for my complete experience.

My Hair-Before Olaplex

So, my hair is fried-point blank lol. I highlight, blow dry, straighten, curl, you name it, it’s been done to my hair! I even recently tried Magic Sleek Hair Treatment. Also, I like to keep my hair long and am certainly not getting it cut every 6-8 weeks(it’s currently going on 5 months 🤫). Needless to say, there is damage up the wazoo. I was in desperate need of some TLC and deep conditioning treatments are temporary and end up costing much dinero, so I really wanted something more long term.

Does The Olaplex Hair Care System Really Work?

I bought this hair care system by Olaplex—->https://amzn.to/3EUcbGi it contains a shampoo, conditioner, hair perfector, and a bonding oil. I have only been using these products for the past 5 days and I ALREADY see a difference. My hair is less frizzy, shinier, and the ends don’t look frayed!!! I am literally so excited to keep using this!!

If you don’t want to buy the whole system, you could get just the hair perfector—> https://amzn.to/3k952Kj which moisturizes and hydrates your hair. I actually slept with that in my hair last night and feel like it made a big difference! This doesn’t make your hair feel super soft after the shower, but more so when your hair is dry!!

I also really enjoy the oil before or after doing my hair… it’s a heat protectant and also makes your ends super soft! Bonding oil—>https://amzn.to/3BVunO2.

Ok, so here is a picture this morning after I ONLY blow dried my hair, normally my ends would look fried and my hair would look crazy, so for me this is a huggggggeeeee difference! Plus, it’s only been 5 days!

Olaplex Is Worth The Money

This system is so easy and quick to use I highly recommend all these products! If you check out the reviews on Amazon they have a 5 star rating and have rave reviews. I know salons offer doing an Olaplex treatment in the salon, but honestly, it’s super do-able to do in your own home! Even if you only bought one of the products above for $28 it’s totally worth it. The perfector does not need to be done every day and lasts for about 2 months. If you can’t splurge and get the whole system, your hair will certainly thank you for it! Let me know if you try or have tried any of these products because I know I am literally obsessed!!

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    1. Yes! I was actually going to do a post in a couple of weeks because on the 19th it will be 6 months. I will tell you though that my hair STILL is 10000x less frizzy and easier to mange. Im actually super surprised, yet impressed!

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