Trend Alert- Plaid And Quilted Coats

It’s that time of year where we unfortunately have to break out our coats. I’m not one that enjoys getting bundled and being in the cold…like no keep me at the beach please. I also don’t know if anybody else is like this, but when I get home from work this time of year I’m too cold to even take my coat off. This could possibly be the fact my husband doesn’t like to have the heat on while he works from home…That goes right up when I get home though!! This season one of the biggest trend alerts I have been getting are about plaid and quilted coats. I love that you can find these coats anywhere and at all different price points. Check out some of my faves below!

Plaid Coats Under $100

Oversized plaid coats are all over the place right now and are the perfect coat for this time of year. I have #1 from Target and I love that it’s long because it keeps me so much warmer, I’m 5’7 for reference. I’m also liking these oversized coats because you can wear whatever you want underneath. All four of these are reasonably priced and look super cute.

#1. | #2. |#3 | #4

Plaid Coats $100+

If you can splurge for a coat this season, these four are definitely splurge worthy! The plaid vibe is sticking with that 90’s trend that is still going strong. #4 is definitely my favorite, but I also think it’s cool how #2 has a removable leather collar.

#1. | #2. | #3 | #4

Quilted Jackets

The three quilted jackets below all look very similar, but are at three different price points. See if you can guess the least expensive one 🤔! #4 is a longer version and comes in a few different colors. #1 is from forever 21 and has sold out multiple times.

#1. | #2. | #3:


Plaid and quilted coats are a must have for this transitional season into the cold winter months! Let’s just remind ourselves only 7 months until summer returns!!!!!

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