Why You Need To Try Slouch Socks

Socks socks socks socks…EVERYBODY!!! This trend has been going on for a while, but I was weary about trying it fearing I would look like an 80’s aerobic instructor. I finally gave in and tried a few pairs … I am officially on the band wagon of people saying we need to try slouch socks! The slouch socks trending today aren’t quite the same thickness as back in the day, but seem to be a dainty-er version. I truly am pleasantly surprised how easy these are to style!

How to Style

I am literally so excited to show you these because I think they work with EVERYTHING!!! The socks I have on below are from freepeople. They are super soft and warm, but don’t feel too thick or heavy. It’s the same pair in each picture, I just tucked in the stripes in the loafer shot. There is currently a sale –3 for $30 at freepeople, so naturally, I bought 3 pairs. I know $10 seems pricey for socks, but they are super soft , warm and well made-totally worth it! My striped top socks also come in different colored stripes. I think these socks looks great with ankle cut jeans, especially when it starts to get chilly. You’ll also see them paired a lot with loafers this season, that’s actually my favorite look of all of them. Wearing them over leggings is probably the most popular, I’ve seen so many celebrities doing this and with all the cool patterns these socks have they really spice up a plain pair of leggings.

My striped top Slouchsocks

Check out the rest of their selection here –>All Socks

These were the other two pairs I ordered from my 3 for $30 purchase. 👇🏻

Striped multi colored. | White Slouchsocks

Reasons To Love Slouch Socks

Well first things first warmth will always be my #1 reason to buy something. The first time I tried on a pair, I couldn’t help but think , why did people check this trend at the 80’s door?! Secondly, there are so many cool new designs, patters, and textures. I feel like there is something for everyone. Slouch socks can also be an alternative to tights in the colder months, because really how warm are most tights anyway? (although there are some really cute tights trending too). These socks make the perfect stocking stuffer too. You can also check out Gifts Worth Giving -Gift Ideas Under $40 for other ideas! If you are like me an are skeptical of this trend, try it first then decide for yourself! Let me know how it turns out 🙂

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