How To Style Statement Tops

Wearing statement tops can be easy!! Someone was saying on a blog I read yesterday, “Save your money when it comes to statement tops because you will rarely wear them.” I actually think quite the opposite! You can take a statement top and dress it up or down, change your bottom, use a topper, anything goes! Most of us don’t have millions of dollars to spend on clothes, so if we splurge on something we want to get our money’s worth, right?! I decided to show you what I mean by taking 3 different statement tops and styling them 3 different ways. The bottoms are the same for each top! Making the most out of my wardrobe is one of my favorite things to do.

The Tops

These 3 statement tops range from $30-$98. For myself, if I spend a lot on a top it’s because I know I’ll be able to wear it lots of different ways or can pair it with lots of bottoms that I already have.

A. Sequin top. B- Choker Top

C. Zipper top

How I Styled These Statement Tops

Each one of these tops are unique, so I didn’t want to add any toppers to them. I consider statement tops to be anything with some sort of embellishment or unique factor . On the bottom I paired each with crop jeans, a pink skirt, and basic black leggings. I think keeping the bottom simple is important because it makes your statement top stand out even more! Each bottom I already had in my closet and surprisingly, they all worked with each top. I really wasn’t sure if the pink skirt would work with all of them, but really liked it when I tried them on. Sometimes, we need to experiment with our clothes, because something unexpected could actually end up looking awesome. The mint colored shirt from Amazon is a little longer, so to get the cropped look, I simply used a hair tie and made a “ponytail” with the front and tucked it under. If you want more deets on how to do this let me know because I do this trick a LOT!! Overall, nobody should feel like a statement top is “too much”. Remember to keep the bottom simple and even wearing your hair up might make you feel like you aren’t overdoing your outfit.

I’ll link each one of the bottoms I’m wearing incase you want to check those out too 😃! With the holidays approaching we are sure to see sequins, beading, and all the fanciness popping up. Embrace statement pieces and get crazy this holiday season.

Note* My jeans are sold out, but these are VERY similar Crop Jeans |Pink Skirt |Black Leggings

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