Layering With Lace

Before I get into the layering with lace topic, I have to express my feelings of joy. I was actually able to get some pictures in for this post. It’s been 5 yes 5 years of living in my house and I have NEVER been by myself for more than a couple of hours. My husband took the girls for a quick overnight trip and I got more accomplished in 24 hours than I think I normally do in 5 days. Of course I missed them all, but man did it feel nice to have some straight up alone time!

Ok, back on topic, I have jumped all over the layering with lace trend lately. To be honest, at first I wasn’t t so sure about it, but quickly changed my mind. Keep reading even if you think this trend is not for you.

Lace On The Bottom

I love ripped jeans more than anyone, but I also freeze when it’s cold out. Layering tights underneath is a great solution. It doesn’t necessarily have to be lacy tights, you can definitely use a nice warm flannel pair. I personally just think the lace looks really cool. Lace also gives such a chic feel as opposed to just regular ol’ tights under a dress. The black lace pair I’m wearing are actually considered leggings and cut off at the ankle. This is great because there’s no bunching or discomfort that tights can sometimes do inside shoes. They are also made really well and have some thickness to them, so you don’t have to worry about getting runs or tears. Also, these lacy leggings come in lots of fun colors! * Fun fact my uncle likes to remind us he won over my aunt by asking her if he could sign her tights🤣 So clearly tights make a statement on many levels 🤔.

First, I paired the tights under ripped jeans(which is my fav.). I started doing this with any jeans that have holes and I’m obsessed! If you try this trend you will be pleasantly surprised. Well, when I told my 13 year old niece about this trend, she said it was “weird”, but what do 13 year old’s know right?!

The next look I put the same legging tights and paired it with a midi dress and some boots. Normally I would wear nothing, but adding the lace pop looked awesome. My least favorite was pairing them under some crop jeans. I think it’s nice for something different, but next time I think I’ll cuff the pants too. The last picture was a mini dress and a different pair of lace leggings. For whatever reason I feel like these make my legs look long and skinny, so I’ll take it!! These cashmere tights are sooooo soft and comfy, omg I really love how comfy cozy these are. I also, posted some of my inspiration from freepeople and how they were doing this trend.

Lace legging tights | Cashmere gray tights

Lace On Top

Layering with lace is so easy with this top. You can literally change up any outfit. This can be worn under anything, whether it’s at shirt, 3/4 sleeved shirt, or even a sweatshirt! Wherever the lace is showing, makes the shirt feel brand new. I’m also a sucker for thin holes, so that’s definitely a plus too. I keep saying I need to get this exact shirt in white, so it matches more, but trust me I’m getting good use of this $40 top! If you prefer, this top also looks super cute with a tank underneath and worn by itself. I’ve posted about this shirt before in Must Have Trends For Fall 2021 and Save Or Splurge Free People Edition. Check out these posts for some other ideas with this top! Overall, this top is my go to layering piece and can definitely spice up any ordinary shirt.

Unfortunately, this blue color is no longer available, but there are still other colors to choose from! Lace top

Layering with lace in definitely one way to make layering easy. Sometimes when we layer clothing, it looks bulky or confusing. The pieces I’ve talked about really make it easy to jump on this trend and take your outfits up a notch too!

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