Three Shoe Trends For Winter 2022

I know it’s been a minute since I got a post out. Unfortunately, my kids, husband and I all got Covid and it was spaced out just long enough to feel like forever😩. We are finally all on the mend and all are going back to school/work on Monday. It’s going to feel like a vacation going back lol. 19 days of being home!!! 19 days!!! Now onto the winter shoe trends.

Shoes are one of those things that I don’t mind investing in, if I know I will get great use out of them. I really don’t like spending money if I think a trend will be a one and done kind of thing. I went through some of the top trends for winter 2022 and picked shoes that are cute, but also ones that you can wear for seasons to come. Keep reading for three shoe trends for Winter 2022.

Platform Shoes/Booties

These perfect winter shoes can actually be worn all year long. This is definitely my personal favorite trend of them all. The platform makes you taller, gives support, and looks super cute! You can wear all the shoes I picked with ANYTHING. The beauty of these shoes is that you can pair them with any cut jean(or really any bottom). I would say these are my universal go to shoe choice. Now my all time FAVORITE pair of shoes is #1. I have been wearing these babies for over a year now and I literally wear them with everything. They are currently on sale, so snag them while you can. If you love #7 as much as I do, I’m sorry to say these are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find. These shoes are literally sold out everywhere, but ya girl right here finally found a pair woohoo and they’re coming Monday!! . You can go on a waitlist if you want them like I did! I originally saw Hailey Beiber wearing them and have been searching for this pair for months!(I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops)

#1. | #2. | #3

#4. | #5. | #6. | #7

Slouchy Boots

Slouchy boots are nothing new, think the 80’s. The new upgrades to this trend are great and you can find them in tall and short versions. Lots of celebs are wearing them and you can find them in pretty much all the big stores. I actually have kept all my slouchy boots through the years, but I’m feeling the upgrades to this trend. Slouchy boots look great over tight fitting jeans, dresses, skirts, and my personal fav.; throwing them over a pair of leggings. Putting them over leggings just makes your outfit look fancier. Overall, these are great winter shoes, just be careful on that ice!

#1. | #2 | #3

#4. | #5.


In recent seasons, sneakers have taken over and pumps were pushed to the back of the closet. Well they’re back and totally on trend this winter and spring. If you knew me back in the day I ALWAYS wore pumps and other heels. Now? I prefer booties and sneakers, but still can bust out a good pump here and there. Take a look below at my closet when I was single and had no kids😍.

Below are some of my favorite pumps for this winter season, if you’re brave enough for pumps in winter! ❄️

#1. | #2. | #3

#4 |. #5. | #6. | #7.

Some other shoe trends for this winter include combat boots, riding boots, sock boots, fluffy slides, and the Ugg ultra mini.

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