Bringing Back The One Shoulder Top

Who knew all my 10th grade fashion choices would be coming back in my 30’s?! The latest for winter and spring has all the major designers bringing back the one shoulder top. How do we feel about this? I’m actually all for it. I remember being sent out of class in 10th grade and told to go the nurses office to “cover up” when I was wearing a metallic one shoulder top from Contempo Casual. Was my exposed arm offending someone🤷🏼‍♀️? Anyway, I just hung out in the bathroom until the next period lol. (I wasn’t rebellious, just scared of getting in Trouble lol)

Best One Shoulder Tops

The updated version of this Y2K trend ranges from cutouts to fun prints to crop tops. Many of the of one shoulder tops below are on sale for a limited time, so try to catch them now. Also, some of these come in other colors, if you’re not feeling what I posted. Sure, one arm might get chilly, but hey that’s the price we pay for fashion. These tops are great for a dressed up look without being too overtly sexy, but still shows off some skin.

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One Shoulder Bodysuits

I know some of you just can’t get on the bodysuit train. I get it, they can definitely be a pain, but if you haven’t tried one, at least give it a whirl. bodysuits will always give the appearance of a perfect tuck and look great with most pant cuts (especially high waisted). Bodysuits give a seamless shape and keep your outfit exactly how you want it. The bodysuits below are a little funky which is why I was drawn to them. Again, a few of these are currently on sale, so act quickly.

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