Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

Valentine’s Day used to be so much fun to dress for. I would always be looking in my closet for Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration. Now, these days this holiday for me, is making it a fun day for my kids. My husband always gets our girls a balloon and flower every year and they love that! We’re trying to figure out some cute valentines for them to send into school. I used to give my class a gift certificate for something free from McDonalds and it had a fun valentine message. or example, if it was a free apple pie it would say you’re a cutie pie. the good ol days!

One thing that I have always done for Valentine’s Day is dress for the occasion. Now, that can mean something different for everyone. I’ve gathered some looks that can fit all your different style needs for that day. Whether you’re headed out for a night on the town or just chillen at home, there’s lots of choices for you! Most importantly I hope this gives you some Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration!!❤️

Instant Outfit

First off , Jumpsuits really make the easiest outfit (minus peeing) and they always look so chic. I’m obsesseddddd with this blazer and have this color. I throw this over anything and everything. It’s a good price too! Secondly, These three jumpsuits don’t have a super wide bottom or high cutoff, so you can pretty much wear any type of shoe. The three I picked could be paired with any of these jumpsuits and are all on trend right now. #3 is already on low stock, so sizes are limited.


Jumpsuits: A. | B. | C.

Shoes: #1 | #2 | #3

Mix & Match

Investing in versatile pieces is always clutch to having a functional wardrobe. Nobody likes spending money to wear something one time! The valentine’s day inspired outfits can be worn even after the holiday. The beauty of all the pants I am showing you, is that they can be worn over and over again with so many things because they are super versatile. Each shirt shown could match with ANY of the pants in the photo. I will say letter A is definitely a splurge(I got these with some Nordstrom rewards). However, I wear them all the time both dressed up and dressed down. All these pants are great and they are literally all in my cart right now🤣. Which pair do you like best?! Trying to break away from skinnies?, be sure to read How To Style Wide Leg Pants and Why Everyone Should Own Flared Pants.

Tops: #1 | #2 #2 plus | #3

#4 | #5

Bottoms: A. | B. | C. | D


Lounge Around Outfit

This will be more my speed this year for sure. I have just gotten into Spiritual Gangster’s clothing and everything I have tried has been awesomeeee!! Their clothes are buttery soft and now my go to loungewear. I must give a shout-out to Zella too because the clothes from this brand are great quality. The Zella joggers(#3) are my all time favorite joggers! I’ve had them for 2 years and after many wears and washes, they still look brand new. I even wore them over my leggings out in the blizzard yesterday!

Tops: A. | B. | C.

Bottoms: #1 | #2 | #3

Hopefully this post gives you some Valentine’s Day outfit inspiration! Enjoy the day and remember to dress festive!💕💕💕

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