Comfortable Pieces That Make You Look Put Together

Looking for the perfect pieces that get you a lot of wear and are versatile too? These pieces will definitely check both of those boxes! This post is about comfortable pieces that make you look put together.

I don’t know what it is about the winter time, but I just always prefer comfort over anything else. I have 3 comfortable pieces that I am loving right now and find myself wearing on repeat. Of course we can all throw on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, but I’m talking pieces you can wear on the weekend OR to work. These might be a little out of your comfort zone or might give you a flashback to 1987, but none of them will disappoint!

Skims Dress

These comfortable dresses will easily make you look put together.

My Dress | Long sleeve version

I definitely did not think I was going to like this brand as much as I do. I had been trying to get my hands on one of Kim Kardashian‘s Skims dresses, but they literally sell out in a hot second. When I got an alert that there was finally an extra small available, I jumped right onto Nordstrom and snagged it faster than a speeding bullet. The cool part about the Skims brand is that it is all size inclusive and goes from an xxs-4x. Now I don’t know why or how, but somehow this dress just gives a great shape (my butt looked very perky lol). If you are saying sure because your skinny, ok i guess, but it still gave me more of a figure than I actually have (I really don’t know why). If you look on the website you will see lots of shapes and sizes and the pieces really look good on everyone! I am definitely buying more from this brand and honestly, the prices are not bad.

Jean Joggers

Ok, so disclaimer these are not actually jeans. They just look like jeans, even the rips aren’t really rips. Do you remember pajama jeans?? Omg I used to think those were so ridiculous, but this is almost like an upgrade of how I imagine those would have been! These are so crazy comfortable and I think are super cute. I’ve worn these to work and have been wearing these every weekend. My kids are also very intrigued and confused that the pockets aren’t really pockets and the rips aren’t really rips. My husband didn’t know either until I told him to feel the rip and his response was “ now that’s just weird, are they sweatpants?” I had been wanting to try the Jean joggers trend for a while and honestly when I bought these I didn’t even know they were faux jeans. Best mistake ever!!!! * disclaimer– I got these pants with a discount, I know they are a splurge!!(my husband just read this and said how much were those pants?!🤣)

My pants | Less expensive denim joggers

Classic Long Sleeve Tee

My top on sale | Other colors

A good long sleeve tee is definitely my favorite go to staple in the winter. This is not a new shirt and is actually on sale now, but I wear it all the time. It serves as a great layering top and could be worn by itself too. There are many different colors available and you know I’m always a sucker for thumb holes. (Even though today my dad asked if I hurt my wrist lol). Everyone knows free people has the best thermals and long sleeve tees,this of course, is no exception!

3 Simple Tricks On How To Dress Up An Outfit

Although these comfortable pieces make you look put together, If you really want to make a comfortable pieces look more chic, use the following tips:

Add a blazer. It doesn’t matter if it’s structured or loose, a blazer will always take your outfit up a notch. If you’re not a blazer person, a cardigan can do the same!

Wear a fancier shoe. Adding a dressier shoe will definitely make your outfit seem fancier. It doesn’t have yo be a stiletto, it can really be something other than sneakers or flip flops.

Throw on some jewelry. I personally like to wear earrings if I have my hair in a Pony or a chunky necklace if I’m wearing a plain tee.

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