Say Yes To The Blazer Dress

Tired of wearing the same ol same ol? Are you looking for the perfect blazer dress? Check out these comfortable and affordable ones below!

This post is about the blazer dress.

I have been a fan of this look for a while and to be honest, never thought I would try it. I wasn’t really sure if people were just wearing a blazer with no pants or what lol. Celebrities are always wearing these and I love how it looked, so I figured why not give one a try.

Are Blazer Dresses Flattering?

There are so many different types of blazer dresses you could buy to flatter your figure. From form fitting to oversized, there are so many great options for your body type. These are especially great for petite women that struggle to find a dress that elongates and flatters at the same time. These truly look great on all body types. Keep reading for different styles and sizes!

So first things first, my legs are crazy white and good lord my toenails are scary(don’t zoom in you might get scared). So, the reason I love this one is because it’s actually a romper! I actually didn’t realize this until after I bought it. This oversized romper blazer is soooooo comfortable and can be worn in different ways. I like how these dresses show off your legs, but if that’s not something you’re comfortable showing off, you can easily pair this with a pair of tall boots. This particular piece is a romper then has the jacket part attached which I think makes this easier to pull off and you can wear something under it if you choose. It also comes in lots of colors!!!

My Blazer Romper: My Blazer Romper

The Universally Flattering Blazer Dress

The blazer dress below is 💯% the easiest to wear. It comes in regular and plus size! The little number from Amazon is a top seller and has good reviews, but it’s definitely on the short side. Again, throw on a pair of tall boots and you’re good to go! Check out the pictures of actual people wearing the dress, you can see all different sizes wearing it and it looks pretty damn hot on everyone. There are other colors/patterns available outside of what my pictures show, so be sure to check them out!

Universal Blazer Dress:

The Blazer Dress For Formal And Casual Wear

I’ve seen people wearing blazer dresses to weddings, yet I’ve seen people wearing them at a backyard bbq. When worn by itself it looks fancy, but it’s all about what shoes you pair it with. When I saw a friend’s wife wear one with Birkenstocks and her hair in a pony I was really inspired. She looked effortlessly chic! I’ve also seen people wear these with sneakers. If you’re wanting to wear something like this to a fancier event, heels would be the way to go. You can also change up the look by putting something underneath like a turtleneck, bralette, or crop top.

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This trend has been going strong for the last year and a half and is sticking around for this Spring 2022. it’s definitely worth taking a risk and trying one of these out. What other article of clothing can you be fancy, sexy, casual, and professional looking all at the same time? 🤔 For more Spring/Summer 2022 styles be sure to check out 5 Spring 2022 Wardrobe Must Haves.

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