1 Week Of Spring Fashion Trends Inspo.

Looking for some outfit inspiration? This post is about Spring Fashion trends and what I wore in a week.

This Spring/Summer 2022 has so many great trends that I’ve been trying, despite the weather not being on my side. There’s definitely some classics that aren’t going anywhere like maxi dresses and blazers, but there are plenty of fun new styles to choose from. Bright colors is probably the trend I’ve seen the most of. I talk more about this in Bright Color Style. Then there are patterns patterns patterns!!! I’m loving all the fun patterns from flowers to houndstooth to retro. As far as jeans go, there’s the return of low rise jeans, but don’t fret my fellow Y2K ers, high waisted jeans aren’t going anywhere just yet. Speaking of my Y2K ers, why are all these Gen Z kids acting like the black flare pants are something new?? I was rocking those in junior high thank you very much. Not gunna lie though, totally snagged up a pair and all those nostalgic feels were in full affect. Can’t forget about the square toe sandal! I literally found the MOST comfortable pair in the world (linked below). I hope you enjoy all the Spring fashion trends as much as I do!

Monday Outfit

This look is paired with my new FAVORITE square toe shoes!!! They are so comfortable. If you follow me you know I broke my ankle last year in two places and still struggle with certain shoes. Well, recently, I wore these to visit my BFF in Colorado and was able to walk around the streets with no problem at all! The top is a bodysuit paired with my go to jeans. Yes, these jeans are a major major splurge, but I wear them more than any other jeans I own. (I also got them discounted)

My Top. | My Pants. | Most Comfy Shoes

Tuesday & Wednesday Outfit

This green skirt sold out in a hot second! It is so cute and I got tons of compliments when I wore it to work. It’s also super versatile and I will be pairing it with a cute tank or crop top when the weather gets a little nicer. I feel like this pic doesn’t do it justice, it’s a much more vibrant green in real life. Right now it’s on preorder which just means they’ll ship it out as soon as they get more in!

Green Skirt. | My Top

I am obsessed with this Amazon dress. It is, in my opinion, a nice easy throw on dress that could take you from the beach to a night out. . When ordering this dress, it might give you a really long projection time of delivery, but for a reference I got mine in 9 days even though it projected like 2 months. This will definitely be one of my favorite dresses for Spring 2022.

My Amazon Dress

Thursday & Friday

So, I saw people on Tik Tok either loving or hating these $22 Target pants. The hate was mainly because people said they were so 70’s… and what’s wrong with that?! I wore these pants on my trip to CO and got so many compliments on them. The top is also from Target and was $5.

My Pants. | My Top

This outfit below is one of my faves. I can wear pretty much any kind of shoe and I really love both of these pieces as separates too.

My Top. Pants are linked under Monday.

Saturday & Sunday

I’m sorry, but I just love a 2 piece jogger set, always and forever. I literally don’t care if they are in style or not I just think they are super comfy and easy. On the right are the infamous black flare pants. I literally wore them to work and also wore them when traveling on a plane. 100% these are my new weekend pants and I swear to you I had an almost identical pair in 7th grade, like even the v top was the same! I also really don’t care that all the kids I teach wear these too, because I wore them first 20 years ago.

2 piece set. | Black Flare Pants

Let’s hope for some warmer weather, so we can bust out our Birkenstocks in full force and if you’re looking for some shoe trends of 2022, be sure to check out 5 Spring 2022 Wardrobe Must Haves.

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