Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Are you still looking for some last minute gift ideas for mom? Check out some of my top last minute Mother’s Day gifts that will arrive before the big day!

This post is about last minute Mother’s Day gifts.


I love to try new products and am usually down for trying something when someone says it’s good. The products I am listing below are at the top of my list, and believe me I’ve weeded through a lot. I can truly and honestly say that each and every one of these products is something I use in my skin care routine. It would be a really nice basket if you bought all of these together as a gift or just gave them individually!

First are under eye patches. If you’re not using these yet, you really need to jump on this band wagon. They make your eyes look refreshed, awake, and are awesome when you look a little tired or worn out. I always make people try them and I haven’t had one person disagree with me!

Second is my favorite under eye treatment to use at night. It’s not cakey or heavy which I like. I will say, I didn’t start seeing a real significant difference in the look of my under eye area for about two weeks. It definitely reduced fine lines and made my under eye area look more awake.

I’ve posted this product skin care combo a million times and I can’t say enough good things about it. I’m posting the trial size, which lasts for about a month (for me anyway). The Good Genes serum literally makes you look like you just came from a facial and the night serum is moisturizing despite having retinol which I really love.

Lastly, we have my new favorite lip gloss. I love that this isn’t too sticky and really gives my lips a nice sheen. This is something I just started using upon a recommendation and it’s definitely a new fave!

Hair Stuff

I absolutely love hair tools, but never really like spending money on them lol. The last two years for Christmas and my birthday I got hair tools from my husband. First off I just want to say that these were not gifted to me by the brands and this is my honest review. The blow dryer sent from above- the Dyson Blow-dryer is amazinggggg! I know it is a big time splurge and it was a total surprise when I got it. I truly love this blow-dryer. Granted, my previous dryer was almost 10 years old and was on it’s way out-so I think that’s why I was even more impressed with the Dyson capabilities. I must say the time drying my hair was literally cut in half and for me that’s a big deal. It also comes with lots of attachments, but I really only use one of them. I didn’t think a blow-dryer really mattered to be honest with you, but my hair is softer and less frizzy. I still can’t believe how much I enjoy this thing!!!

The next hair tool I’m obsessed with, is my Bio Ionic hair straightener. It straightens my hair so quickly-like literally with one swipe. It’s the first straightener that I’ve had that actually straightens my hair without being on the hottest setting which is great because I’m not destroying my hair(well…as much). I was also asked about a recommendation for curling iron. I’ve bought a few over the last couple of years but always fall back to my Revlon curler that is from 8 years ago which I got for like $25. Unfortunately, They don’t make it anymore 🙁 That thing better hold out for me!! Both of these tools would be an awesome gift!


When I think of last minute Mother’s Day gifts, I think of jewelry! Who doesn’t like to get jewelry? I’m not talking expensive diamonds here (but would be more than happy to accept some thanks), but more jewelry that is easy and can be worn all the time. After talking with my friends, almost everyone said they don’t wear as much jewelry as they used to and are always looking for things they can just leave on. I gathered some of my favorite pieces, most of which I actually own.

This is my all time favorite necklace. I need jewelry at this point that I can just leave on and it goes with everything and this necklace does just that. It also is a perfect layering piece if you want to pair it with anything else.

If you follow me, you’ve probably seen me wearing these in most photos. I also wear these pretty much every day. I like that they are light weight and the perfect size hoop.

These bracelets may seem a little pricy, but they are made so well! This is another piece of jewelry I never take off. Although I don’t have this exact one, I think it’s perfect for a mother’s day gift. The bracelets I wear everyday say “grateful” and “lucky”. I also like these because they’re one of the few bracelets that can fit different sized wrists. My wrists are crazy small and these actually don’t slip right off!

I like that these initial necklaces could be the letters of your kids or your own initial. Either way, it’s engraved on the back as “one in a million” which I think is super cute.


I’ll admit I always find myself using black bags. With all the bright colors trending this season I was on the lookout for bright colors or a bag that had a fun or different factor to it. These bags are super cute and reasonably priced. Make sure you check for different colors available because a couple of these have lots of fun colors to choose from. If you are jumping over the bright color trend this season make sure you also check out Bright Color Style.

These last minute Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to just be for your mom, remember to treat yourself-you deserve it!

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