The Top 10 Slides For Summer 2022

Interested in the most popular slides right now? Keep reading for the top 10 slides for Summer 2022!

Remember in the late 90’s when the Adidas slides were the coolest shoes? I remember thinking they were so cool when I finally got a pair. I will say though, everyone always said how comfortable they were, but I thought they were kind of annoying with the little peg things sticking into the bottom of your feet.

Well slides are popping up all over the place and they look way different from the adidas sandals of the past. I can’t say I necessarily love all of these styles, but I will definitely show you what is trending.

Best Slides For Women

I love that comfy slides are a thing for this season. Whether you are pairing these with a gown or bathing suit I can guarantee this is a trend everyone can jump all over. There are no rules when it comes to these shoes this season, so go ahead throw on a pair and feel free to wear socks too!

  1. I have to, of course ,start with my go-to all time favorite slides- the Arizona Birkenstocks. I always post these, because not only do they come in lots of fun colors, but they are also super duper comfy. Wear these with anything, whether it’s to the beach or to work really anything goes.

2. How shnazy are these bedazzled slides from Macy’s? Does that make me old that I just used the word shnazy?! I feel like these could be worn for a night out or even as a change of shoe for a wedding. Super cute and seem to be selling out pretty quickly, so snag these while you can! There are also other fun colors available too!

3. Ok, so these cloud slides have been blowing up on TikTok and from other influencers. I have to be honest, I haven’t tried them yet, but after reading the reviews I feel like I have to!

4. I would say these Tory Burch jelly sandals are bringing me back to my old school jelly sandal wearing days. Jelly sandals have been going strong over the past couple of years and have become very popular when it comes to slides. One thing I can definitely say is that Tory Burch sandals stand the test of time. I have a pair that I have beat down and they still look great. I’m posting the black because they’re super versatile, but I’m feeling the other colors too.

5. The price on these one strap belted slides really can’t be beat. In person, these are very cute. The only reason I didn’t grab a pair is because the color I wanted was sold out in my size 🙁 I guess I’ll add these to my next Target pick up order.

6. If you’re rolling deep then you might like these Gucci Slides. Definitely not in my price range, but I would love to know if anybody has bought these!

Best Slides For Girl Teens/Tweens

7. I’m really not sure how I feel about these Ugg slides to be honest. It’s not necessarily my style, but I have seen my students starting to rock these now that the weather is getting nicer. I’ve also seen some adults on social media wearing them, but I think this is one that should stay for the youngsters.

8. The good ol’ Adidas slides are always here to stay. These come in lots of fun colors and designs and definitely seem way more comfy than my 90’s Adidas slides!

9. Like I mentioned above, Jelly slides are all over the place. These Coach Jelly Slides are the other slides that I’ve seen the high schoolers rocking. Now, in my opinion these could actually work for any age. Coach is always very classic and chic and you really can’t go wrong when wearing these.

10. I’m sure many of you remember these Steve Madden Platform slides. I think I had this exact pair actually. I’ve said it before, but the kiddies think all this stuff is new, but we know we’ve been there done that!

There ya have it, the top 10 slides for Summer 2022! Enjoy this comfy trend while it lasts. If you’re looking for other fun trends for spring/summer, be sure to check out 1 Week Of Spring Fashion Trends Inspo.

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