5 Summer Trends Worth Buying

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of summer trends happening right now? Keep reading to learn which ones are worth buying!

This is the time of year that I love for fashion and trends. I’m a teacher, so when it’s my summer break I love to experiment with new trends and things that I can’t get away with wearing in the classroom. Although there are so many cute trends happening right now, I don’t feel like they all necessarily lend themselves to people that aren’t in their 20’s. When I was doing my picks I really tried to find things that could work at any age! So here they are- my 5 summer trends worth buying.

Corset Tops

Crop tops seem to be literally everywhere and corset crop tops are a definite among them. I love the look of these tops, but it’s so hard finding ones that aren’t a crop top. My picks below have some length to them, but still have that corset look that is trending hard right now. These look super cute paired with a pair of wide leg pants to help proportion the tight top. If you are pairing these with a skirt, shorts, or tighter fitted pants, a cute blazer on top would really balance the outfit. If you choose a neutral color corset-try pairing it with a bright colored blazer. Bright Color Style is definitely here to stay for the summer.

New Boho Dress

What style dress is in style for summer? The new boho dress of course! Bohemian style incorporates inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s and is constantly recreating itself season after season. Typically, we think of long flowy or tiered dresses, fringe and peasant blouses when we hear Boho chic. This season the boho style seems to have more focus on unique element, instead of a mixture of patterns, fabrics, and accessories. This is actually my favorite of all the trends because these dresses are just super easy to throw on and go in the summer. The first dress I have below is a more typical Boho feel with the mix of fabrics and the flow of the dress. I think this dress is going to sell out in a hot second. The second dress I have and love! I can wear it to work, brunch or the beach which is exactly what I like. The last one I picked I am 100% buying and was actually really impressed that this was from Old Navy, it looks like it could be a designer brand!

Easy Jumpsuit

How awesome are all the jumpsuits out right now? I said it before and I’ll say it again, jumpsuits make the easiest chicest outfit. They are also so versatile, you can easily dress them up or down with shoes and accessories. I’m always surprised at how many people are afraid to try this look. I recently told a friend to just give in and try one already. She couldn’t believe how much she liked it once she gave it a shot. The first jumpsuit I featured below was the one I recommended her trying. The only downfall is getting pretty much naked when you have to use the potty.


Black and White Polka Dots

This trend started popping up on the Spring runways and continues to be one of the top Summer trends. This classic trend instantly adds chicness to any outfit. Whether it is a full on ensemble or just a pop of polka dot, anything really works when it comes to this trend. Personally, this is something I have always kept as a staple in my wardrobe. I even have the Home decor of black and white polka dots from Kate Spade in my kitchen!

Platform Sandals

Any sort of platform sandal, sneaker, wedge, etc. is trending at the moment. I chose the sandals below because not only do they look cute, but they are super super comfy!! You can find this style in all the major retail stores, so you do NOT need to break the back with this one! You can also find more styles in 5 Spring 2022 Wardrobe Must Haves.

There are so many great summer trends it was hard to choose only five, however you really can not go wrong with any of the choices from this post. If you are not crazy about the colors of anything I posted, please be sure to click and see other colors available because so many of these items have lots of color options 🙂

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