Summer 2022 Must Have Products-Girl’s Trip Approved

This post is about Summer 2022 must have products, all available on Amazon!

So this past weekend I went on a very much needed girl’s trip with my cousins. It’s so hard to actually get away, so when we do have the chance, we definitely live it up. One of my favorite parts of a girl’s trip is trying everybody’s go to products. There were 5 of us, so needless to say I got to try lots of fun new things which I immediately added to cart. Remember, this is 5 girls with different personalities likes, and dislikes, yet we all agree these products are top notch. So here they are- all of our Summer 2022 must have products!

Skin Care

So if someone says they like a skin care product I feel the need to try it. I also like to share my all time favorites too. The products we loved from the vacation are #1-Glow Screen by Supergoop. It serves as a face primer, but also contains SPF 40 AND leaves your skin super glow-y! I wear this everyday sometimes just by itself with nothing else, it’s a great product and I love the high SPF.

#2-Under eye brightening and cooling stick by Tula . This was a definite yes for me because of how smoothly it slides on it really does feel so refreshing. It also offers a slight brightening that can be reapplied over or under concealer throughout the day.

#3- Good Genes lactic acid treatment by Sunday Riley. This is my product to bring to the table. I have posted about this before and will continue to spread the word on just how good this product is. If you want to reduce fine lines and look like you just got a facial then please try this product!!!


I’m sorry, but I thought #1- Lumify was a joke when I heard about it. For those of you that do t know what it is- it’s supposed to make the whites of your eyes brighter and make your eyes pop more. I didn’t believe it until I saw my sister come out of the bathroom after using it,saying am I crazy or did this really work?? it sounds so weird, but it does exactly what it says- whitens the corneas and your eyes just look so much brighter! I’m still confused as to why this works and why I’m obsessed with it🤷🏼‍♀️. Also, if you wear contacts, like me, wait 10 minutes before you put them in after using this product.

#2- Liquid iv- lots of people use this on the regular, but if you haven’t tried these delightful packets yet, I suggest you jump on this band wagon. It gives you electrolytes and keeps you hydrated, especially good if you had a couple of cocktails the night before. If you’re looking for a cocktail with little to no hangover I suggest Casamigos. (I’m new to tequila lol)

#3- Eyelash curler with a comb. This type of curler gives such a better lift and separation than your average old curler. This went viral on TikTok and I can totally see why!

Summer Faves

#1- Razor burn solution by Tend Skin. If you get razor burn especially in your bikini area, this majorly helps.

#2-Supergoop Play Everyday Lotion. This sunscreen is a favorite in my household. My kids love it because it doesn’t leave them white or sticky and it’s easy to rub in. I like it because it has SPF 50 and is super moisturizing.

#3- Poof part sunscreen powder by Supergoop. I’m so good about wearing my sunscreen except when it comes to my part. I am going to start using this ASAP because I’ve already had two bad burns in my part this year. Last week I looked like I had some major dandruff going on from it peeling 🙄.

These summer 2022 must have products are actually great for all year and the best part is you can grab them all right on Amazon!! Also, be sure to check out 5 Summer Trends Worth Buying

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